top horror movies

Top seven horror movies

We’ve compiled the list of top seven horror movies, which include classic horror films as well as recent releases.

electric scooters

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Pros and cons of electric scooters

Just like with any rental service, it will always be cheaper to buy the thing yourself than to constantly rent it. So, for example, if you use a scooter almost daily, you will surely save some money if you simply buy your own electric scooter.

top romantic movies

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Top 7 romantic movies

Are you a romantic movie lover or simply want to have a great movie night? Here are the top 7 romantic movies to watch in your free time!

Top Movies at the Cinemas Spring 2022

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Top movies at the cinemas 2022

No plans for tonight? Here are the top movies in the cinemas: Batman, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and many more.

Best thermos brands

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Best thermos brands 2022

A thermos is a useful gadget for both winter and summer. So here is a list of best thermos brands of 2022.

Stanley drinkware

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Stanley drinkware and more for outdoors lovers

The brand Stanley create sustainable products for over a 100 years now. They have created amazing travel mugs and thermoses that I have already written about on this blog. Besides those, Stanley drinkware has many options to choose from.

stanley travel mugs


Stanley travel mugs: Trigger Action vs Neverleak

Stanley Classic Trigger-Action thermo travel mug is very popular and has been tested several times. And more recently, the new Stanley The NeverLeak has been created as an updated version.

EQUA Timeless water bottle


The new EQUA Timeless water bottle

In this article read more about the new EQUA Timeless water bottle. It is one of their best releases yet since this water bottle has a timeless design and functionality that will serve you for many years.


Best thermos test

In this review, we will compare three premium thermoses from three legendary brands. They stand out with their high quality, excellent heat resistance and extreme durability, which make them great allies for an active lifestyle.



My EQUA water bottle review

My first ever water bottle was an EQUA water bottle, so I decided to share my review on it. Here are my main pros and cons of the specific type of EQUA water bottle.