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Thermo bottle review : Thermos Traveler

My favourite water bottle, which I currently use every day, is the Thermos Traveler 750 ml. In the following article I will share my thoughts about this water bottle and why it is my favourite water bottle that I use on a daily basis.

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Thermos or insulated cup: which to choose?

A hot drink is the best way to quickly warm up in the cold. Classically, a thermos has been able to keep a drink hot for a long time, but now a relatively new invention has also appeared in the offer – an insulated cup.

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How good is an Aladdin thermos?

In your research for best thermos, we suggest you to lean into our article about Aladdin drinking vessels, especially Aladdin CityPark Thermavac thermos.

Equa timeless water bottle


Review of EQUA Timeless Water Bottle

Slovenian brand ‘EQUA’ has launched a new line called Timeless. In this article you can read about my experience with this bottle.

electric scooters

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Pros and cons of electric scooters

Just like with any rental service, it will always be cheaper to buy the thing yourself than to constantly rent it. So, for example, if you use a scooter almost daily, you will surely save some money if you simply buy your own electric scooter.

top horror movies


Top seven horror movies

We’ve compiled the list of top seven horror movies, which include classic horror films as well as recent releases.

top romantic movies

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Top 7 romantic movies

Are you a romantic movie lover or simply want to have a great movie night? Here are the top 7 romantic movies to watch in your free time!

Top Movies at the Cinemas Spring 2022

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Top movies at the cinemas 2022

No plans for tonight? Here are the top movies in the cinemas: Batman, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and many more.