Stanley travel mugs: Trigger Action vs Neverleak

Stanley Classic Trigger-Action thermo travel mug is very popular and has been tested several times. And more recently, the new Stanley The NeverLeak has been created as an updated version.

stanley travel mugs

Stanley thermo mugs are one of the most popular thermo mugs at least in my view. The Stanley Classic Trigger-Action thermo travel mug is very popular and has been tested several times. And more recently, the new Stanley NeverLeak has been created as an updated version.

Contents of the article:

In this article, let’s compare the two Stanley mugs. Let’s find out how they differ and which one to choose.

Stanley brand

Stanley has been producing very high quality thermal products since 1914. As I’ve mentioned in articles before, Stanley is a well trusted brand when it comes to quality vacuum isolation products. Not only quality is important to the brand, but also sustainability and the opportunity to protect nature. 

Stanley thermo travel mugs are able to provide long-term thermal resistance of the drink and are very convenient for everyday use. They are available in several sizes with very high quality paint. Although these thermo mugs are available in a variety of colors, their characteristic color is earthy green.

Travel mug design

The biggest difference between the Stanley Trigger-Action and NeverLeak travel mugs is their lid. Both have a body of the same size and design. The range of Stanley Trigger-Action travel  mugs is available in green, black, white, red, navy blue and a new color – bright orange. NeverLeak travel mugs in addition to black and green are also available in light blue and bronze.

The design of the travel mug itself is simple, but very high quality in appearance. It is made of stainless steel and has a high-quality paint finish.

Green and light blue travel mugs have a rough texture. It is very comfortable to hold and does not slip out of your hands. Travel mugs in white and black are matt. They also have a slightly rough texture. The red, bronze, dark blue travel mugs have a smooth and slightly shiny color that is just as high quality and thick.

Overall, the Stanley Trigger-Action and NeverLeak travel mugs have a very simple design with no extra features.

trigger action stanley neverleak

Stanley travel mug lids

As I already mentioned, the biggest difference between the two Stanley travel mugs is the lid.

Stanley Trigger-Action


The Stanley Trigger-Action travel mug (on the right) is very handy when driving, as it is possible to drink from it with just one hand. The lid of the travel mug has a button that opens when pressed. The Trigger-Action travel mug is leak-proof. It can be tipped over, carried in a bag and the contents will not spill out. However some customers have complained that leaks do happen when the lid gets pressed accidentally in the bag.

Stanley NeverLeak


That’s why Stanley created the NeverLeak Travel Mug (on the left), which is 100% leak-proof. They have a switch mechanism that can be opened by sliding the top cover of the lid. If it is pushed completely, its contents will not spill out. However, I noticed that sliding it to the wrong side does not close the lid completely. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that it is properly sealed. 

Although NeverLeak is 100% leak proof, it is unavoidable to use both hands, which is not as comfortable as Trigger-Action mugs.

stanley travel mugs

The design of Stanley Trigger-Action mugs is higher, with curves and special shapes. For Stanley NeverLeak mugs the lid has a very simple design and has the same diameter as the bottom of the thermos.

Heat resistance comparison

It is known I love writing reviews on the quality of the heat resisting products and vacuum isolation. You can check out my article The Amazing Stanley Thermos – review to find out more on the performance of Stanley thermos. 

However, here let’s continue the review on Stanley travel mugs. Stanley promises the same heat resistance for both travel mugs. The 470ml mug cups can keep hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 10 hours. However the 350ml travel mug cups are indicated to keep the drink hot for up to 5 hours and cold for 8 hours.

So far, there have been tests performed for the Stanley Trigger-Action 470ml travel mug. In it water was poured into the mug at 97 °C (206.6 °F) and the water temperature in the travel mug was measured every 2 hours. At the end of the Stanley Trigger-Action heat resistance test, it was concluded that the travel mug is able to keep the drink warm at 45 °C (113°F) even after 12 hours.

Conclusions on Stanley travel mugs

Although there are not many differences between Stanley Trigger-Action and Stanley NeverLeak travel mugs, their advantages and disadvantages can affect the purchase.

The main PROS of the Trigger-Action travel mug:

  • Comfortable to drink with the help of one hand;
  • Wider range of colors and sizes available.

The main CONS of the Trigger-Action travel mug:

  • Not 100% leak proof.

The main PROS of the Neverleak travel mug:

  • 100% leak proof;
  • New colors to choose from.

The main CONS of the Neverleak travel mug:

  • A little more challenging to open.

So here are the main takeaways from the reviews.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this article!

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