Salad recipes


Salad recipes for when you’re actually hungry

There are many salad recipes for just about everybody’s preference these days and yet many people still think that salads are boring, too healthy and not satisfying enough. Today I am here to change that mindset with some amazing salad recipes that will actually leave your stomach full and satisfied.

healthy water recipes

Health, Recipes

Tasty and healthy water recipes

Since drinking enough water during the day is very important, we went on a task to find all of the best healthy water recipes.

pasta recipes


3 go-to pasta recipes for every taste

In this article I have sorted out 3 pasta recipes for anyone’s taste. I include a pasta recipe with meat, with fish and a vegetarian option that can be altered to vegan.



Best shashlik recipes: tasty marinades

Once it gets warmer outside, it’s the beginning of the grill season. That means it’s time to call your friends and family, invite them over and celebrate with some tasty shashlik meal!

Vegetarian burger ideas


Vegetarian burger ideas: veggie patties

The main part of the burger for me has always been the patties and cheese. Everything else can be added to taste – bread, tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, onions, sauces etc. When making vegetarian burgers, I’ve compiled a few amazing veggie pattie recipes. Here they are!