About me

Welcome to BeePail!

My name is Beatrice, but my friends and family have always called me B. Some of them even started making connection to the word Bee that sounds the same. Hence why I decided to name this blog BeePail.com.

I’ve always had a passion for words and writing. It’s been one of my most favourite activities to do when I’m by myself for years now. I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to create my own blog. So here it is, a little bit of my daily experiences and tips that, hopefully, you can find entertaining and helpful.

Tips on health, reviews and recipes

When thinking about my blog idea, I couldn’t decide between my interests. That’s how BeePail.com categories were brought to light

I truly care about topics that concern health, but I’m no stranger to trying out different things and foods that aren’t always the healthiest. So I welcome you to check out my blog and take it with a grain of salt. I’m by no means an expert on any of these topics yet I love writing about them from my own experience and point of view.

My own SEO project

I see this blog as an opportunity to not only express myself but also learn. To create a good blog that others can find, it’s important to work on your SEO score. While writing my articles I’m also making sure they are written according to SEO tips that I’ve gathered along the way.

You could even say that this blog has become my own SEO project that I am willing to share with others. When you see different names by some of my articles, it’s because I welcome creative writers to join me on writing about different topics.

I strongly stand by the saying that faster and more efficient learning can be achieved with like minded people around you. I can only hope this blog becomes useful not only to me but also to my fellow creative writers and readers.

Collaboration options

I am open to welcoming any creative writers that would like to try out making articles for themselves. You will be getting useful tips from me and a platform to put out your creative work on.

Same goes out for brands and organizations that would appreciate a little shout out in form of my articles. I can include your products in some of my articles or write new ones. You can also present me already written articles that I can publish, if they are matching my theme of the blog.

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I will make sure to respond your questions as soon as possible, B.