Birthday gifts for Aries woman

Aries celebrate their birthdays from March 21st to April 20th. If you’re looking for some amazing birthday gifts for Aries woman, you will find some in this article.

birthday gifts for Aries woman

Aries celebrate their birthdays from March 21st to April 20th. It is a fire sign which can also describe Aries as impulsive, ever changing and spontaneous. This sign in particular usually has a lot of creative, spontaneous ideas, which they don’t always make happen, because new and new ideas are coming up. If you’re looking for some amazing birthday gifts for Aries woman, you will find some in this article.

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Dynamic personality of Aries

Aries love some mystery as well as change in their lives. If you’re thinking about a routine like life then that is for sure not for Aries. This is a sign that enjoys the chaos of the unknown, therefore new ideas are always replacing the old ones. At times, Aries can have so many ideas they are forgotten only because there are new ones coming along.

Aries always chooses a tense, dynamic lifestyle, although they do not know how to do many things with constant intensity. Therefore, always try to find suitable conditions for doing so.

The gift has to be hobby related

What is the best gift for Aries? Aries is very active and curious. Their hobbies change often, and every new passion for Aries is a whole unexplored world that takes all their attention. The answer is obvious. Aries needs a gift that will match her current desires and hobbies.

And if you really don’t know what to get her as a birthday gift for Aries then you could always directly ask. At times Aries can appreciate the honesty and will gladly tell you exactly what she wants to get as a gift.

And if you really, really don’t know… Well, you’re reading the right article. Down below you’ll find some awesome gift ideas for Aries. But first, the sign’s birth flower.

The birth flower of Aries

Birthday gifts for Aries woman

Daffodils are the birth flowers of Aries sign. They are beautiful yet simple spring flowers. Just like Aries, daffodils too like to be first in life. That is why they are the first flower to come up after the long and cold winter. 

Daffodils symbolize new beginnings and not being afraid to start them. 

Aries also loves some plants, therefore anything that is bitter and colored red is considered a lucky flower for this sign.

Birthday gifts for Aries woman

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of an Aries woman, let’s move on to some realistic birthday gifts for Aries woman.

Birthday gifts for Aries woman are listed in the following categories:

Gorgeous flowers

Birthday gifts for Aries woman

Aries loves flowers, especially if they are bright in color and there are many of them. She will be delighted with the bouquet of roses, tulips, chrysanthemums skillfully wrapped in the flower salon in “100 layers”, moreover, in the most active shades.

The original holiday packaging is just as important as the flowers themselves. Aries loves to put a variety of seedlings on her windowsill or in the garden to see which ones grow. So instead of flowers, a great gift for the Aries is some cute seedlings in pots.

Hobby related gifts

Support Aries’ hobby and give her a gift that she can use to enjoy her hobbies. It is important to find out about Aries’ current hobbies, as they tend to change quickly for her.

Gift card for hobby

hobby aries woman

The safest choice will be a gift card for a hobby, because then Aries will be able to choose for herself what she needs most for her hobby. In that case, you just need to know which store to choose. A gift card for a hobby can cover a wide range of fields – sports, gardening, painting, arts and crafts and other creative hobbies.

The hobby owner will usually know best about what to choose. For example, if Aries’ hobby is painting and you don’t understand anything about it, then no great gift will work. On the other hand, if you give the recipient a certain amount and the opportunity to choose something in the wide paradise of a painting shop, it will be a real pleasure.

Seedlings in pots

seedlings woman aries gift

Aries is an experimenter, so she likes to watch what she breeds. A good gift idea instead of flowers for Aries could be a variety of plants to grow on her windowsill in the spring. It’s a whole experiment with what will or won’t grow there.

You can choose some interesting seedlings to give to Aries. If she likes to do everything according to her mind, then maybe a good addition to the gift could be some interesting and exotic seeds that she can sow in pots herself.

A set for her crafts

craft set aries

For those who like to be creative, the gift should be just that. If your birthday Aries is creative and always makes something with her own hands, then a useful handcraft kit could be a good gift.

First of all, it is important to find out what your Aries likes to do best. If she loves creating her own jewelry, then a set of beads will come in handy. If the jubilee likes to knit and crochet, then a good choice will be cool colors of high quality yarns, threads and comfortable needles. Each type of hobby has its own objects, which make the process much more enjoyable.

A gadget for her hobby

gadget for hobby aries

Another great gift idea for Aries’ hobby could be something that she might need to enjoy her hobby even more. In this case you have to know her and the hobby pretty well though. Maybe she has been talking about an upgrade to get herself so you can hurry up and surprise her with it.

For example, maybe her hobby is doing manicures and gel nails. In that case she might need a high quality LED lamp with the right amount of UV light. These things can get pretty expensive so you will really help her out with this kind of gift. Think in the same direction for any other hobby your Aries queen has.

Original gifts

While looking for birthday gifts for Aries woman, original gifts could be a good choice. For the adventurous Aries a fun trip or any other exciting ways to live life are always welcome. And thankfully nowadays you can get so many cool adventures as gifts.

A getaway trip

getaway trip aries

Aries loves to travel and everything that it gives to her. It is a chance to experience something new which we already found out that Aries loves. That is why a getaway trip would be a nice gift idea for Aries birthday. 

There are few ways to give somebody a trip. Firstly you could simply just invite Aries for a trip somewhere special. Whether it’s as friends or maybe as a family trip, she will love it. Another way to do that is to give her a gift card for maybe a travel agency. They will take care of everything for her and make the trip that much more enjoyable.

SPA day with girlfriends

spa day gift for aries

Rest and relaxation is the best gift to give and to receive from your close people. SPA in that sense is the best place to receive well deserved rest at. Pick a SPA that offers a wide range of procedures and relaxation methods and give your Aries woman a gift card.

That way she will be able to decide how long to stay in the hotel and what extras she should experience. Maybe she would love just lounging by the pool and going to saunas. But maybe she’d love to receive a relaxing massage and some facials.

A beauty salon visit

beauty salon gift

When looking for a gift for ladies, always a good choice will be something related to beauty. A beauty salon is a way to relax and feel beautiful at the same time. Since it is always pleasant to receive rest as a gift, a visit to a beauty salon will be a gift for the Aries just in time.

The best thing about this gift is its wide selection and range of opportunities in the salon. In the beauty salon you can create a new hairstyle, get a fresh manicure, get ready with makeup or maybe enjoy a skin care procedure. With a gift card, it will be easier and more convenient in this case as well – so that the Aries lady chooses how to treat herself.

A gift card for learning something new

gift card lessons aries

Since Aries is always interested in the new and current, her hobbies are constantly changing. Maybe right now your jubilee is in search of a new hobby, which you could very well help by giving some training.

Today, a wide range of training, master classes and courses are available. They can be in making chocolate, painting and drawing, handicrafts, etc. Maybe Aries is even more interested in attending information courses on attaining some world news – nature protection and climate, finances and her well-being, healthy lifestyle and meal planning, etc., rather than working creatively.

Modern tech

Aries loves modern gifts. Everything that the newest technology has to offer will make your Aries curious. It can be very simple everyday gadgets and things. But if they make life easier, Aries is interested. Here are some examples.

Mini wireless image printer

mini printer gift aries

Thinking of an interesting gadget that is definitely not owned by every other person, it could be this mini image printer. It is charged and can also be used with the wireless option. This small printer does not take up much space, it allows you to print images from social networks, as well as via Bluetooth from a phone, etc. devices.

For those who like to develop images in physical copies, this gift will be a great surprise. In just a few minutes you will be able to find your favorite pictures and quickly get a physical copy of them. It is important to make sure that the gift is accompanied by photo cards, which will need to be purchased in addition.

Smart water bottle to stay hydrated

smart water bottle aries woman

Nowadays, everyone needs their own bottle of water to take with them on a daily basis. As caring for nature is becoming more and more important, it is also good to replace your daily purchase of a plastic bottle with one sustainable water bottle. To be able to choose the most suitable for Aries, we recommend the option of a smart water bottle.

It is a bottle of water that will remind you to drink water regularly on a daily basis. The smart water bottle is connected to the recipient’s phone via the app. When it’s time to get drunk, the particular bottle of water will flash easily or otherwise give a message.

Ice Cream maker

ice cream maker gift

Spring brings warm days and sun to the birthday of Aries, so it’s time to open the ice cream season. The way to enjoy both the taste of ice cream and the process of making it is to make this snack yourself. It’s not as hard as you might think. In addition, there is such a wide range of kitchen gadgets available today that the ice cream maker is quite easily accessible.

It is a useful and equally exciting gift for Aries on her birthday. Don’t know how you are, but we’ve never been able to use an ice cream maker. But we would definitely be happy to receive such a device as a gift! The ice cream party is already waiting!

Karaoke microphone

karaoke mic aries

Aries is often the life of the party. Dancing around and singing is one of the favorite activities for such people. If your birthday girl is the same then we have an amazing gift idea for her. Karaoke microphone for karaoke queen to practice her solos at home whenever she would like.

This is such a fun gift to give somebody who loves singing. It also serves as a reminder that you don’t have to take everything in life so seriously. Sometimes life is simply fun and you should be able to enjoy it. And the best part about this gift – now your Aries can throw her own karaoke party for her girlfriends!

Luxury gifts

It is equally important for Aries that the jewelry is not cheap and at the same time delights the eye with originality. A boring classic necklace or ring is unlikely to please Aries, even if it costs a lot of money. Authorizations are a good option.

Handmade jewelry

handmade gifts aries

Since Aries likes everything that has a special touch, we recommend that you look for luxury things directly on the Etsy website. It is full of various manufacturers that make beautiful things with their own hands. Among them are hundreds of different jewelry offerings that Aries would definitely appreciate.

Find a unique piece of jewelry or a beautiful accessory. Etsy retailers often also offer the opportunity to personalize their products with a special dedication for the recipient – colors, texts, etc. If your Aries also likes everything related to the horoscope, give her jewelry with her own horoscope symbolism. There are really a lot of those in Etsy stores.

Fiery perfume

aries perfume

Perfume is an exciting gift to look for in a horoscope. Just as after the horoscope we try to determine the characteristics of a person, it is also possible to find a special aroma for each sign. If you want to give perfume to Aries, then we recommend looking for fiery and spicy scents. They will be the most appropriate for our Aries – red rose, musk, cinnamon, mandarin, coriander, ginger, sandalwood, vanilla, geranium, tobacco.

Sometimes Aries women crave something sweet. Aries is not indifferent to the views of others, so choose a perfume from a well-known brand, but not necessarily a classic. The Aries will prefer modern novelties.

Designer sunglasses

designer sunglasses aries

As Aries’ birthday is a significant moment when spring is approaching, stylish sunglasses could be a gift of luxury. When choosing them, we also recommend taking into account the taste of Aries for something interesting and especially beautiful.

Designer sunglasses will work well, as they combine both the latest trends and high quality. A good alternative will always be a gift card that will allow Aries to choose the best product – the sunglasses that will suit the most.

An exclusive scented candle

royal velvel candles exclusive

Candles have a special power – they can give us a pleasant atmosphere and peace. Choosing scented candles also produces a beautiful scent that fills the entire room very quickly. Thinking about what to give Aries on her birthday, a good gift for a home could be an exclusive candle.

For example, the ones in the picture are Royal Velvet candles made from soy wax. They are ecological and well suited as gifts because of their appearance. These candles are truly works of art that will greatly enhance the interior of Aries’ home. Such candles are a great gift for the holidays, even if you do not know the birthday girl very well.

Household items

Aries likes to take care of her appearance and image, so various beauty items for the home or everyday life will be good birthday gifts for Aries woman. You can also give away practical household items, but remember that practicality is not in the first place for Aries. Therefore, practical gifts must also be special and beautiful.

A beautiful makeup bag

makeup bag gift

A new makeup bag is a nice gift choice for Aries’ lady’s birthday. Here, too, design is important that will cheer up the Aries on a daily basis and allow them to delight their eyes. You can choose a larger or smaller cosmetic bag. With the idea that the larger one will be useful in everyday life at home, while the smaller size cosmetic bags are very useful for travel and some trips.

A beautiful cosmetic bag will also look good in Auna’s home and will serve as a cool interior decor. This is how Aries likes to think about every object in her home. It should not only be functional, but also pleasing to the eye.

Satin or silk bed linen

silk bedding

Bed linen is a useful and practical gift. Truly high-quality sheets can cost quite a high price, which is why it is a good gift choice. Quality lovers will appreciate high quality bed linen as a gift for the holidays. We recommend for the Aries to choose silk or satin materials, as they are good for human skin and also exquisite.

For example, silk is not only pleasant for the skin, but also a healthy material. Its softness makes the skin silky smooth and also helps maintain good hair health. Since we spend a significant part of our day sleeping, it is important to choose the best quality conditions.

Soft daily bathrobe

bath robe aries gift

It is quite similar with the everyday robe too. It is most often worn not only after a shower, but also as comfort clothing in the home. So it’s cool to find your only bathrobe – one that is soft and pleasantly warm to wear as a soft blanket on colder evenings.

However, it is possible that your Aries would prefer a very thin robe. One that looks very elegant and sophisticated. You can also think about silk when choosing its material. The robe will immediately look like a real luxury that will delight Aries’ eyes even when set aside.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas on birthday gifts for Aries woman.

What not to give Aries as a gift

Aries loves gifts that can be used every day and for a long time. A failed gift for those born under the sign of Aries is food, they can only be in addition to the basic gift. There is no need to give something with a hidden meaning or subtext, most likely Aries will not perceive it. 

Soft bears and decors like that cannot be used as a gift option for Aries. Only give Aries what you are sure she is dreaming about right now. If not, it will be a waste of money.

How to wrap the gift for Aries woman

Aries, like a child, will enjoy almost any gift and will feel offended if you forget about the gift. Aries is unlikely to accept a gift from someone she doesn’t like.

Do not forget about the external design of the gift. It should be bright, cheerful and radiate energy, just like the fiery nature of the Aries itself.

So that is it from us on birthday gifts for Aries woman. May your Aries be happy and healthy!

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