Birthday gifts for Aries man

Aries celebrates his birthday from March 21st all the way to April 20th. Getting the right birthday gifts for Aries man is no simple task. We are here to help.

Birthday gifts for Aries man

Aries celebrates his birthday from March 21st all the way to April 20th. Aries is a sign of fire. Those born under the sign of Aries always want to act, this desire has a motivating motive. The impulse occurs in the depths of the soul suddenly, and no one knows its source. As mysterious as they are, getting the right birthday gifts for Aries man is no simple task. We are here to help.

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More on Aries personality traits

Aries always chooses a tense, dynamic lifestyle, although he does not know how to do many things with constant intensity. Therefore, he is always trying to find suitable conditions for doing so. Such people are constantly coming up with ideas and are able to captivate others with their enthusiasm. They do not need peace, they cannot be idle for long.

Subject to impulse, overwhelmed by himself, he needs everything at once. He has a lot of creative, spontaneous ideas. Such a person acts rapidly under the influence of an impulse, usually the interval between the impulse and the action is short.

Aries are maximalists

Well, if finances allow you to, make a gift “with scope”, according to Aries’ maximalism. He appreciates such gifts the most! In essence, a gift to Aries can also be “in scope” in size, according to the principle that “there must be many good gifts.”

If you are looking for something amazing to give to Aries, listen to the Aries’ own wishes. Most likely, he himself will hint in advance (or even persuade you) about what he would like to receive from you as a gift. If Aries has not told you what he is dreaming of, ask him directly. He will like it.

The birth flower of Aries

Birthday gifts for Aries man

Daffodils are the symbols of rebirth and hope. These are one of the first flowers to bloom after the long winter, therefore it can associate with Aries in the way of always having to be the first one. Daffodils are colorful and bright, they are a new beginning that will bring Aries luck and well being.

If you want to give your Aries man a flower of some sort along with the gift, choose Daffodils. They are simple enough and also look elegant. And make sure to explain the meaning behind them. That always makes the gift more personal, even flowers too.

Birthday gifts for Aries man

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of an Aries man, let’s move on to some realistic birthday gifts for Aries man.

Birthday gifts for Aries man are listed in the following categories:

Hobby related gifts

Aries tends to have a million hobbies at a time. If that’s not the case, then he probably changes his hobbies very often. So while a gift for his hobby is an amazing birthday gift idea, be sure to figure out what he enjoys currently.

Motivation for hobby

aries gift for hobby

Sometimes it happens that the chosen hobby is also very good for our health, for example. If this is a sport that you like, then sometimes you need to find the right dose of motivation. In such cases, you can choose a gift for Aries that will be useful and will also provide an extra dose of motivation not to give up on a daily basis.

If your Aries is an athlete, then maybe he could be motivated by music. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how he can best listen to music during sports. A comfortable wireless headset might be a good gift. You can also think of any other type of motivation – maybe someone else will be motivated by a private trainer or group classes – in sports, art, etc.

Gift card for a hobby

gift card hobby

Getting something for Aries hobby will be an amazing gift choice because it will show him your support of the hobby. It will mean a lot to our Aries but it also has to be a good gift choice. You have to know what to get him for the hobby but unfortunately most times only the hobby owner himself knows what he needs.

Therefore a gift card for his hobby will be a good choice. You just have to think of a hobby that he enjoys and a store you can buy the gadgets at. For example, if he loves fishing, get him a gift card at a fishing store. You will probably not understand any of the fishing gadgets however he will feel like a kid in a candy store.

A gadget for his hobby

gadget aries hobby

A similar choice of gift could be a gadget suitable for Aries’ hobby. Many hobbies also tend to be expensive, especially if they need inventory on a regular basis. During the holidays, you can help the birthday boy out with something useful in this area.

There can be a variety of gadgets among good gift choices. For example, good running shoes will be useful for his running hobby. A good orienteering suit or compass would be useful for orienteering. A sports watch could be useful for any active hobby, which will both motivate and show the progress made.

A chance to try out a new hobby

new hobby aries

Another great gift idea for an Aries who always loves to stay up to date, is trying out a new hobby. Maybe he feels stuck in something he no longer enjoys as much and you have noticed that. Then you could give him an opportunity to try something new.

And it could be a lot of things because there are so many great choices. Maybe he would love to learn how to cook amazing meals. Maybe it could be a fun self defense class, an acting master class or maybe even something with crafts and getting creative. Who knows? Aries is usually up to anything so surprise him!

Original gifts

If you don’t know what are the best birthday gifts for Aries man, then the original gift could be just in time. The active and adventurous Aries will enjoy the opportunity to go on an exciting journey or learn something new.

Pool subscription

pool subscription aries

An original gift, which we often do not even think about giving away, is a swimming pool subscription. For many this could be a particularly cool gift, because you can’t swim enough during the summer. You will want to do the same during the rest of the year, so a visit to the pool could be an interesting change in Aries’ daily routine.

In addition, swimming is one of the best exercises that trains many body groups at the same time. This is a good workout for the whole body, which is also very interesting and refreshing in the process. For those who want to move more on a daily basis, this would be an exciting way to get started.

A traveling opportunity

travel opportunity

Another great gift idea for a lustful and energetic Aries could be a trip closer or further away. There are several ways to give such a gift. First of all, you can already invite Aries to travel with you. The birthday boy would love to join an exciting trip with friends or a romantic trip with the other half.

But you can also give a trip with the help of a gift card. The trip can be presented with a gift card at a travel agency or perhaps for an already planned and specific excursion. The best trips are those where you do not have to worry about a thing.

Camping with bros

camping aries

The adventurous Aries loves spending time outdoors and having some fun. A cool gift idea would be to spend a weekend outdoors camping with his best friends. That would be an original way to catch up and have some in the meantime. If this is something that sounds like your Aries man, don’t hesitate to plan this little trip for him and his friends.

They can stay in tents or maybe even rent out a camper. Many others might love the opportunity of going glamping. The term is a combination of glamorous camping. That allows you to stay in a tiny house with all of the comfort, while still being somewhat outdoors.

Paintball game

paintball aries

The game of paintball is an original gift that will allow the Aries to spend time with friends, get exciting feelings and challenge their strategic thinking. It is an opportunity to spend time in nature and get acquainted with different images. Experienced club coaches help organize games with rescuing hostages, obtaining a flag and completing many other interesting tasks.

This game will be a great gift for lovers of active recreation, as it will allow you not only to feel exciting feelings, but also to get in a good workout with all the running and hiding.

Modern tech

If the funds allow it, then just give Aries a new sports car and the gift will work. But, throwing jokes aside, Aries likes any modern technique that will be useful and will surprise him with an interesting design.

A smart water bottle

smart water bottle aries

Hydration is very important in our everyday lives. However a simple water bottle won’t do it justice for Aries. They love practical gifts, sure, but they still need to be special enough to raise interest in the birthday boy. So a smart water bottle might just be it.

It is an interesting and exciting way to stay hydrated throughout the whole day. A cool smart water bottle will remind Aries to sip a bit of water hourly. Since it is connected to an app, he will be able to simply see how much water he has drunk. Be sure that the app functions in other ways too – has some overall health facts etc.

Smart accessories for his car

car aries gifts

For many men their car is their holy grail. That is something they treasure dearly and at times put quite a lot of money into. Therefore if you what kind of gadget your Aries would appreciate for his car give him exactly that for his birthday.

As modern technology offers a wide selection, the search for a gift can become an exciting activity. Car accessories or telephone accessories will be accepted with pleasure. Technological devices, a set of tools for a master, an exclusive lighter or a magnificent pipe will be useful for Aries, whose passion is well known to you. These are fun alternatives.

Air quality meter

air quality meter gift

Another cool gadget is the air quality meter. It is a tool that helps to ensure that the surrounding air is regularly ventilated during the day. For those who spend a lot of time indoors, such as working all day in the office, such a gadget would be useful.

It measures air quality during the day and informs you when the air is not good and clean. The device then signals that it is time to ventilate the room. We often forget about regular ventilation of the premises, so the air quality meter will remind Aries of it every day. A gift that helps to improve health in an interesting and cool way.

Fast charger for his phone

birthday gifts for aries man

Thinking about more practical gift ideas to give to Aries on his birthday, we come to completely mundane solutions. For example, a charger for your phone or other device will always be a useful gift. Quite often people switch from their next phone charger to special fast charging chargers.

For someone who is not always fully charged on the phone, a quick charger would definitely be useful. Often we all go to bed and forget that we have to charge the phone. And if you can’t do it quickly in the morning, then you have to stay with the discharged phone for half a day. This gift is inexpensive and very needed, so it’s a win.

Luxury gifts

The Aries like luxurious things, but they must have character and a special vibe. You can choose the most expensive and high-quality jewelry, but the classic version for Aries will always seem boring.

Spicy and fiery cologne

cologne aries gift

Aries is bright both physically and spiritually. He is adventurous. If you want to give away a scent, then the aroma must be as energetic and invigorating as Aries itself, which will help maintain his self-esteem, impulsiveness and courage. 

The Aries will enjoy the bright, active, spicy and fiery scent. Good if it is red or orange – red rose, musk, cinnamon, mandarin, coriander, ginger, sandalwood, vanilla, geranium, tobacco, black pepper, red orange, lime, coffee. 

Handmade Aries necklace for him

aries necklace him men

For a man who loves wearing jewelry, keep in mind that he will appreciate something handmade and truly special. Since Etsy is usually the best place to find such items, this time didn’t disappoint us either. This amazing Aries necklace for him is a great example of manly yet elegant jewelry with meaning.

This specific necklace is made from sterling silver. It is very simple therefore it will easily go with every outfit. For a guy who is not complicated this is the perfect gift. While looking for special birthday gifts for Aries man, we truly can’t recommend this seller enough.

A cool lighter

aries lighter gift etsy

Another cool gift idea could be a luxurious lighter. If your birthday Aries smokes, then this gift will be especially handy for him. Basic store bought lighters always look very simple and cheap – because they are. It is always so much cooler to just invest in your own lighter.

This is your chance to give your Aries man something a little bit more elegant and fun. This Engraved lighter is such a conversation starter for sure. It is very eye catching in the best way possible. Elegant and fun. 

How to give and wrap the gift 

If you are not sure about your choice, if you do not know what he is passionate about or have not met Aries for a long time, give him money in a big, stylish, bright envelope. 

For the vast, expansive nature of Aries, whose element is Fire, it is important that the gift catches the eye and delights with lush, vibrant colors.

What not to give Aries man

When looking for a gift according to the sign of the horoscope, it is good to know not only gift ideas for Aries, but what better not to give to Aries. 

Diplomacy is not Aries’ strongest point. He will not be able to hide his disappointment or even dissatisfaction with an unwanted gift, so give the one who really pleases Aries or money. Unlike many other signs, a cash or gift card is a good option for a gift to Aries. He will find them valuable and will not forget that you gave him this gift.

Let these fun birthday gifts for Aries man be the ones for your recipient! May your Aries man have an amazing birthday!

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