My EQUA water bottle review

My first ever water bottle was an EQUA water bottle, so I decided to share my review on it. Here are my main pros and cons of the specific type of EQUA water bottle.


I care about the environment and am fully aware of my everyday actions that could help it. One of those, that I already practice for years, is having my own reusable water bottle. My first ever water bottle was an EQUA water bottle, so I decided to share my review on it.

Here’s my experience on having a glass EQUA water bottle.

EQUA water bottle

Thoughtful brand and beautiful aesthetic

When I decide to choose a product, there are a few things I pay attention to – the brand, the product’s aesthetic and function. When I was choosing my water bottle I only had 2 things in mind – brand and aesthetic. You probably see where this story is going about the bottle’s functionality, but more on that later in the article.

First I want to focus on the good things. First one is the brand and its image. I really love EQUA as a brand because they love what they do and it shows. They are a socially responsible brand that does well for both people and the planet.

EQUA is a brand that offers a wide range of sustainable water bottles in various designs and materials such as stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, and glass. They have a collection of over 120 designs of water bottles that are stylish and eco-friendly.

The bottles fit in cup holders, and even though it’s double wall insulated, it’s lightweight. EQUA’s glass water bottles are made of high-quality borosilicate glass and are available in more than 40+ designs for every lifestyle.

They also work really hard on announcing and creating new products aka bottles. I got one of their first water bottles and I absolutely love the design of it. 

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Here’s the bottle I got – in the picture down below.

EQUA water bottle

EQUA glass water bottle

My first ever reusable water bottle was EQUA Bloom water bottle. It is made from glass and it is undeniably gorgeous. It has a matt finish and a beautiful graphic design of a flower. The lid of the water bottle is customisable so you can write anything you’d like on it.

Here are my personal pros and cons of this water bottle.

Pros of EQUA glass water bottle

Number 1 pro is the beautiful exterior. This is a bottle that you want everybody else to see. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and elegant. This is a water bottle that fits almost every everyday scenario. You don’t need to hide it, it is good for the environment and it looks amazing in pictures.

Number 2 pro is that it’s see through. The glass is an amazing material for the fact that you can see through it. When it comes to drinking water it helps to see your progress. If you see how much you’ve already drank, you have the motivation to drink more.

Number 3 pro is this bottle’s good size. The size of this water bottle is very convenient. I love water bottles that I can carry around so I can drink from them more than one or two times. So the volume of 750ml is perfect for me. I knew that I only needed to refill this bottle 2 times for me to reach my daily water intake limit.

Number 4 pro is how pleasant it is to hold the bottle in the hand. The matt finish makes it very nice for holding in your hand. I also ordered a faux leather cover for the bottles protection and so I could carry it around more easily. The cover also helped me hide some damage that I got for the bottle which leads me to the cons list.

EQUA water bottle

Cons of EQUA glass water bottle

Number 1 con of this bottle, to continue the before mentioned topic, is the damage of the design. Although gorgeous, the flowery design isn’t made for everyday use. I usually throw my water bottle in the backpack and go do my everyday things. This bottle is not made for it because the design started to come off. 

Although I will say – the cover works great, I only wish this was an option back in the day when I got my bottle. I still use it with this cover though.

Con number 2 is how heavy the bottle is. Glass isn’t the most lightweight material which I should’ve known. But you live and you learn. I wish there was a way to still have this volume and have the bottle a little bit lighter in weight.

Other than that I really don’t have many more cons to mention.

I truly love this water bottle and still use it frequently!

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As time goes, I have managed to collect some more water bottles from different brands. I will probably write some more about those in the future so stay tuned! 

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