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Thermo bottle review : Thermos Traveler

My favourite water bottle, which I currently use every day, is the Thermos Traveler 750 ml. In the following article I will share my thoughts about this water bottle and why it is my favourite water bottle that I use on a daily basis.

Equa timeless water bottle


Review of EQUA Timeless Water Bottle

Slovenian brand ‘EQUA’ has launched a new line called Timeless. In this article you can read about my experience with this bottle.

Stanley drinkware

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Stanley drinkware and more for outdoors lovers

The brand Stanley create sustainable products for over a 100 years now. They have created amazing travel mugs and thermoses that I have already written about on this blog. Besides those, Stanley drinkware has many options to choose from.

EQUA Timeless water bottle


The new EQUA Timeless water bottle

In this article read more about the new EQUA Timeless water bottle. It is one of their best releases yet since this water bottle has a timeless design and functionality that will serve you for many years.



My EQUA water bottle review

My first ever water bottle was an EQUA water bottle, so I decided to share my review on it. Here are my main pros and cons of the specific type of EQUA water bottle.

drink enough water


How to drink enough water daily

Drinking water is a habit that you have to have in order to stay healthy. For many it’s not that simple so in this article I share my tips and tricks.