How to drink enough water daily

Drinking water is a habit that you have to have in order to stay healthy. For many it’s not that simple so in this article I share my tips and tricks.

drink enough water

Drinking enough water during the day is super important and that’s something I’ve come to realise pretty recently. No wonder they say – when you’re little, you think the ultimate adult drink is coffee, but when you grow up you realise it’s water. 

I’ve been able to find my own little trick that helps me drink enough water daily. I hope you have one too. If not, I got you!

Here’s how I manage to drink enough water during the day and how you can too.

Find a way that works for you

drink enough water

First things first, you have to find a way that works specifically for you. There are different kinds of ways to drink water based on 2 main problems – forgetting or not enjoying it. 

For me it has always been more about forgetting to drink water. Therefore I use tricks like setting reminders, drinking a certain amount in a certain time etc. 

However for many people drinking plain water is simply boring. They need something more, some taste to fully enjoy hydrating. And that is understandable although what is not acceptable is choosing to drink carbonated drinks instead. 

There are ways to add flavor to your water without it being unhealthy. You can make fruit or berry infused water. Make a whole batch of it so it lasts you a full day or even a few! It will taste super fresh and delicious, and I promise you will enjoy drinking more water.

A reusable water bottle

drink enough water reusable bottle

As you might’ve guessed from reading one of my previous articles, My EQUA water bottle review, my way of drinking enough water is a reusable water bottle.

There are many ways that I’ve found a reusable water bottle can help you with water intake. Here are some that help me a lot.

Reminds me to drink water frequently

The main pro of using a reusable water bottle is that it reminds you to take a sip once in a while. For example, I always have my bottle with me when I work throughout the day. So it’s always near me and I remember to drink a little bit once in a while. Before I can notice it, the water is gone and I go and fill it back up.

A bottle definitely holds more water than a regular glass that I’d have on my desk before. Therefore I’m not as lazy if I only need to refill my water bottle 2 times a day. And as a result, I drink more water than ever before, and my body is grateful for that.

Always with me anywhere I go

The great thing about a reusable water bottle is that it becomes a part of your day. You take it everywhere you go because you never know when you will feel thirsty. I just throw it in my backpack so I always have something to drink.

That way I’m always hydrated and I’m not spending extra money on plastic water bottles that are just bad for the environment. Besides, nowadays it’s pretty simple to refill your water bottle since the city is always putting out more and more drinkable water stations.

Lets me track my water intake

And another amazing thing about having your own water bottle, is that you get into a water drinking routine. You know the size of your water bottle and you know how many times you have to refill it. 

Mine is about 650ml so I know I have to drink at least 3 bottles of water every day. And it means I only have to refill it twice. Even if it seems a little much at first, once you get in the habit of doing so, you don’t even notice. I catch myself drinking even more!

I hope you found these tips useful! They truly help me so I hope they will help you too!

Stay hydrated!

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