Birthday gifts for Aquarius woman

If you happen to know somebody that has a birthday in time period from January 20 to February 18 they are Aquarius. So in this article you will find some fun and useful birthday gifts for Aquarius woman.

Birthday gifts for Aquarius woman

Finding birthday gifts based on the zodiac signs can be very fun and unique. Aquarius celebrates her birthday from January 20th to February 18th. If you happen to know somebody that has a birthday in that period of time, they are a sign of Aquarius. So in this article you will find some fun and useful birthday gifts for Aquarius woman.

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A little bit about Aquarius

Aquarius is not indifferent to everything new and renewed, original and unpredictable. People born in the sign of Aquarius are constantly ahead of time and at the forefront of events. People with the sign Aquarius are more likely to anticipate the future and live for it. Therefore any gift that seems futuristic will be an amazing choice for the modern Aquarius woman.

The strange soul of Aquarius can seem cold to people of other signs, but the abundance of their ideas is absolutely unreal. That means you will have to think a little bit harder in order to find an amazing gift idea that surprises even the creative Aquarius.

The gift for Aquarius must be unusual

When choosing a gift for Aquarius, turn off logical thinking – it will hardly help you. The main criterion for choosing a gift should be to be amazed and happy: “Wow!”. If your choice of gift can cause you such emotions, then it is a sure candidate for the gift of Aquarius.

This however doesn’t mean that everything gifted to Aquarius has to be totally crazy and wild. It could also be the everyday things and gadgets, only with a unique touch. For example, while choosing technology, make sure it is the newest and most convenient model. Make sure to do your research on the right gift idea. This article should help you greatly.

Never ask Aquarius what to get for them

One thing to keep in mind though is to never ask Aquarius what to give her. Unpredictability is her lifestyle, so don’t ruin her birthday by not keeping a secret and anticipation.

If Aquarius unexpectedly tells you what she wants to receive, listen to her words, even if everyone around might think it is a joke. Aquarius has unpredictable desires, so she’s probably serious.

The flower of Aquarius

Birthday gifts for Aquarius woman flower

Flowers are an area where Aquarius feels like a fish in the water. You won’t overdo it if your selected bouquet is visible piece by piece or surprises with incredible design. Only a bouquet that does not bore is good enough for the extravagant nature of Aquarius.

When it comes to the flower of Aquarius, the official birth flower is the gorgeous orchid. It is a flower that can be most likely gifted as a plant that the Aquarius can grow for a long time. The Aquarius lady will for sure enjoy the uniqueness and the exotic nature of the orchid. If we speak of meaning, then orchids symbolize luxury, love, fertility and intimacy. 

Birthday gifts for Aquarius woman

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of a Aquarius lady, let’s move on to some realistic gift ideas.

Gifts are listed in the following categories:

Fun adventure

Aquarius loves adventure, but at the same time she loves comfort. So an exciting adventure will be just in time, just keep in mind that this adventure must be comfortable and enjoyable. We have summarized some fun birthday gifts for Aquarius woman in adventure format right down below.

A ferry ride

ferry ride

The way to go on a small adventure without special planning and stress is a ferry ride. It is an activity that can be done all year round, so Aquarius will be able to decide for herself whether to enjoy it around her birthday or save for the warmer season. A gift card is the most convenient way to present such a gift, and then the Aquarius will be able to choose the date and time for herself.

This is a fun activity that the Aquarius watermark will definitely appreciate. A great alternative is a yacht trip. This would provide a more cozy atmosphere if Aquarius wants to share this adventure with her relatives and friends. It should be noted that such an extra is significantly more expensive than a ferry ride.

Premiere tickets

premiere tickets

Another way to enjoy comfort along with exciting emotions is to go to a show or a movie. And not any show, but the premiere of an event. Aquarius will definitely like to feel important enough to go to an event for the first time. It is a special feeling to experience something before most people can do it.

The main task here is to keep the element of surprise and find out if there is anything planned for Aquarius on that date. Then you can also safely arrange tickets for the premiere of the movie, theater show, opera performance, stand-up or any other event.

Exotic trip

exotic trip

There are two main ways people like to travel – go on a good tourist route with a lot of exploration or go to visit an island. Aquarius will enjoy the comfort of an exotic trip, go for a good rest, where you can spend your days laying by the ocean and enjoying the peace.

The best way to give a trip is with a travel agency gift card. It is sometimes cheaper to plan a trip yourself, but it takes a lot of time and stress. In addition, it is simply not possible to give it away unless you plan to close the eyes of Aquarius and take it on a surprise journey. Usually travel agencies know what they are doing, they take care of a successful trip that will be remembered for a long time.

Name a star after her

name a start after

Non physical things can also be given to Aquarius. Something that will surprise and open their eyes in admiration. One such gift idea is to name a star in the name of Aquarius. It is a gift that is truly original and very special. Your Aquarius might not even have known you could do anything like that.

This will only add to the surprise effect. When the star is named after the receiver, she will also receive a special certificate. Then the starry night sky will never be the same to Aquarius as before. After all, now there will be something resembling herself among the millions of stars.

Original gifts

The original gift to Aquarius will be something that will allow her to experience something new. A suitable gift can cost a few cents or be very expensive, for which Aquarius has no preference. In her gift, Aquarius will also appreciate exoticism and exclusivity.

Exotic massage

exotic massage

A gift that is always nice to receive is relaxation. A relaxing massage could be a pleasant surprise that will allow Aquarius to relax and have a good time. To make this gift more special and suitable for the character of Aquarius, we recommend choosing something interesting, such as an exotic massage.

It will be an opportunity for the birthday lady to try something unusual and special in everyday life. Exotic massages are usually performed according to the traditions of a particular culture. During the exotic massage you will be able to not only relax, but also to get acquainted with a new culture.

Favorite magazine subscription

magazine subscription gift

Another idea for an original gift could be a subscription to Aquarius’ favorite magazine for the whole year. If she reads a magazine regularly, it will definitely make her daily life easier if the magazines are delivered to the mailbox every month or week.

Magazines are a good way to start reading too. Maybe your Aquarius has been saying for a while that she wants to start reading more and free up time for it on a daily basis. Then, perhaps, the magazine will be able to provide a variety of content that will allow her to understand what she is most interested in reading.

A gift card in a healthy store

giftcard for aquarius

If you are thinking about what is a good gift for Aquarius that you do not know too well, then we recommend choosing something unique. Something that can’t be bought in every regular store. Ideas could be a special set of tea or coffee, expensive sweets, home-baked bread. A gift card at a healthy product store could also be a great gift idea.

It could be, for example, a gift card in a pharmacy or some eco beauty store. Maybe in a natural product store, where you can buy all kinds of eco-products. Even better, if they are the work of domestic producers – various jams, buns, honey, candies and other delicacies. Something that will make everyday life more enjoyable.

A book about astronomy

astronomy book gift

Since Aquarius likes to learn something new, books will be a suitable gift for her – always and everywhere. The Aquarius who has just started reading will benefit from a subscription to the magazine, while an already experienced reader will definitely be happy to receive a new and interesting book as a gift.

Choose a book as new as possible to make sure she hasn’t read it just yet. Maybe also choose the book in a specific category of genre. For example, those interested in horoscopes might like a book on astronomy. How fun and unique!

Luxury gifts

Aquarius also likes to receive various luxury items as a gift during the holidays and their birthday. Classic jewelry may seem too boring for her. Instead of a classic, you should choose something bright and noticeable, made of natural materials with a touch of exotic flavor.

Jewelry from nature inspired materials

jewelry aquarius

Aquarius ladies love to receive jewelry as gifts, but it is important to know what kind of jewelry. For Aquarius jewelry is preferably always inspired by nature, which could be real or faux leather, stones, wood, exotic bird feathers and so on. You will never go wrong if you give Aquarius jewelry made by hand – a special value will be added to the gift immediately.

Thinking about what this jewelry should be like, Aquarius women will enjoy gorgeous and noticeable earrings, heavy necklaces or vice versa – fine chains with small bead details. Preliminary knowledge about the specific anniversary and her taste will be most useful here.

Unique perfume

perfume gift

A luxury item that can always be chosen as a gift for the Aquarius birthday is an expensive and high-quality perfume. Sometimes it can be hard to choose a fragrance that is the most suitable for the receiver, so we have found out which choice will please Aquarius the most.

The lady Aquarius could best enjoy aromas that are mysterious and reflect the mystery of her soul. The perfume can have both sweet and bitter aromas, but it must also be light enough, unnoticeable and unconventional. Examples of scent notes include aloe, cucumber, nutmeg, hyacinth, freesia, essential rose, bergamot, lavender, eucalyptus, citrus.

Elegant yet spacious handbag

hand bag gift

Another luxury item that will be a very fun gift for ladies is a handbag. A hand bag for Aquarius should be stylish but delicate. So, of course, that doesn’t mean it has to be very small. Aquarius still appreciates practicality, so it will be good if the bag is also quite spacious.

The color palette of the Aquarius sign is mostly blue-ish, with light green and purple tones. Color choices can also be taken into account when choosing a gift– we have put bags in the picture that would be in the perfect colors for the Aquarius receiver.

Designer sunglasses

designer sunglasses gift aquarius

If your Aquarius lives in a sunny place where sunglasses are already being needed in the months of January and February, then you have an amazing gift idea right here. Some fancy sunglasses are similar to jewelry, they can compliment an outfit and make the woman feel more beautiful and confident of herself.

When it comes to quality, we all know that sunglasses should be chosen carefully. First of all, consider the face shape of the Aquarius and only then make the decision on what kind of sunglasses to choose. Of course, the designer version will make a cute and truly luxurious gift for the Aquarius woman who loves fancy accessories. 

Futuristic technology

We mentioned at the beginning that Aquarius feels like she comes from the future. Consequently, technology also plays an important role in her daily life. The Aquarius will always want to move forward – to get new gadgets and technologies as soon as possible.

E-book for the readers

ebook technology gift

Aquarius tends to be quite a reader, so there is no shortage of reading gifts in this article. A modern version of the book could be an electronic book that would allow Aquarius to read different books from one small gadget. The e-book can be taken anywhere, it is not heavy and is much more portable than a regular book. If you are looking for good birthday gifts for Aquarius woman, this will do!

The best part is that you can put an infinite number of books in this little device. This feature could be especially important for Aquariuses who try to keep their ecological footprint as small as possible. For those who care about nature and do not accumulate a lot of unnecessary things, this is the right way to read books. Effective and interesting.

High quality juicer

juicer gift

A powerful juicer is a cool gift for a healthy Aquarius. Healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular, therefore there is more information about the good juice properties. Thus, the juicer will be liked by domestic Aquarius, who ise ready to experiment with different flavors of juice.

It must be emphasized that one should be careful with useless gadgets, because Aquarius still pays attention to functionality and usefulness. This gift will be just in time for the birthday of someone who is interested in juicing.

Health checking smart ring

health ring gift

Smart rings are one of the newest health wearables on the market. For Aquarius who loves staying in check with her health, this new gadget could be an amazing gift to give.

This smart ring accurately tracks heart rate, sleep cycles and other activity, then provides insight and guidance based on what it tracks. Considering how discreet it is, that’s quite a feature of engineering. We placed a photo that shows the options too – it can be elegantly silver or gold, or even totally black. How cool is this gadget?

Household items

When it comes to household items, Aquarius doesn’t obsess too much on them. It will be best to please her not with anything in particular that she needs, but with something special. Something that makes her happy and excited. It can be practical birthday gifts for Aquarius woman at home, but it must be interesting and beautiful.

High quality bed sheets

bed sheets gift

Bed sheets are a gift that will benefit anyone that has a bed – it is a practical gift that will always be useful. Aquarius could appreciate such a gift if the selected bedding is of excellent quality. A sophisticated set of bed linen does not cost cheap, so our birthday girl will definitely be happy to receive a gift, such as beautiful linen bed linen.

Make sure to take into account Aquarius’ favorite colors and materials. Probably, her house already has some of her favorite colors in it. After all, bed linen can also serve as a stylish interior item in the home. Stylish and at the same time high-quality bed linen is a household gift that the Aquarius will highly appreciaty.

Fresh and soft towels

towels gift

In this gift idea it is a little similar to bed sheets – towels are another common household gift. Over time, they begin to lose their freshness and sometimes even color. It is possible that Aquarius has moved into a new home – in which case new and soft towels could be a suitable gift for the housewarming party. Quality is also important when choosing towels, it is worth investing in such household items so that they will last for years.

Since Aquarius loves luxurious and beautiful things, even the towels have to be high quality too. Choose some large and cozy towels that will serve nicely after every shower or bath. Stylish kitchen towels or small bath SPA towels could also be a great alternative.

Cool night lamp

lamp moon gift

Another cool household item to gift an Aquarius for their birthday is a fun night stand lamp. The sign of Aquarius is usually very futuristic and interested in technology. To find a fun and futuristic lamp idea that the birthday girl will love we present to you the Moon lamp from Etsy. 

As seen in the photo above, you can choose not only the Moon lamp, but also some cool planets. The Moon option is the most fun and neutral at the same time. It will create a cozy vibe in the room and serve as a beautiful decoration in the receiver’s bedroom. 

A beautiful vase for flowers

vase gift

Aquarius loves fresh cut flowers and sometimes might even buy them for herself for no reason other than to have a beautiful decor. At times the vase can really be the star of the show and serve as a beautiful decoration – both when it has flowers in it and when it does not. So a beautiful vase might be a nice gift idea.

And yet again, this kind of gift will be best for somebody who has just moved into a new place. If your Aquarius is living at her place for a while now, a pretty vase could still be a nice gift. Especially since interior decor trends change all the time. Get her something fun and trendy! Remember – futuristic always works!

Cool souvenirs

When it comes to souvenirs and little things, the most suitable for Aquarius will be those that have some meaning. She definitely will not want to acquire any impersonal and unnecessary things that will sit on the shelf and collect dust. The perfect gift might be something to complement her collection or maybe something with a special symbolism.


baloon for birthday aquarius

Balloons are a fun gift to choose instead of a bouquet of flowers. Since the birthday balloons filled with helium could be especially significant on a round birthday. For example, if Aquarius is celebrating a round year digit, then number balloons will also be a great greeting. During the festive celebration, they will be able to create a fun photo session with the numbered balloons to remember.

This is an original gift that will bring joy. If Aquarius has not received such a gift before, then she will certainly not expect it at all. Even if it is a small gift, it is very remarkable and pleasant.

Aquarius necklace

aquarius necklace

When choosing jewelry, it is a good idea to give them a special meaning – the symbolism of the horoscope sign is one option. Many people nowadays like astronomy and like to know their zodiac sign. It may be similar to your Aquarius.

We found a beautiful Aquarius necklace with the Aquarius sign symbol, constellation and the sign name on Etsy. Such a gift is not big and expensive, but it is definitely significant. The meaning of this little souvenir will be what counts the most.

A fun mug

fun mug gift

If you still don’t know what to give Aquarius for a birthday, the last suggestion in the souvenir section may be just in time. An interesting mug for coffee or tea will appeal to those Aquariuses who cannot imagine their daily lives without coffee or tea.

Everyone has their favorite cup, or everyone should at least have one. Also, when choosing a coffee mug, remember that Aquarius likes futurism and everything new. Probably the best choice will be a stylish drawing or a mug that changes its image in the heat.

Check out some choices in the article Fun mugs for a good day.

What not to give Aquarius woman

Aquarius is so unpredictable that she can rejoice in very strange gifts, but she can also be dissatisfied with a gift she has always wanted to buy for herself. Don’t give Aquarius money – it will fade so quickly that there will be no memory left of the gift itself. Then a better option will be a gift card for an Aquarius-related hobby, for example.

Aquarius will be disappointed to receive everyday box of candies or simply cut flowers. Also, it is better not to give them houseplants such as succulents.

How to wrap the present for Aquarius

Don’t forget about the wrapping! Invest all your imagination in the design of the gift to the best of your ability. The Aquarius will definitely appreciate it.

The wrapping and packaging itself is not as important to Aquarius as it is to realize that you have put effort, ingenuity, time into the choice and presentation of the gift. It is important to make Aquarius feel important, and this is one way to show it. If you simply end up grabbing the first thing that catches your eye, the Aquarius will be very disappointed by it.

We hope you have found great birthday gifts for Aquarius woman!

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for Aquarius with some symbolism of the Zodiac sign and constellations, you’ll find some in the article Cute and meaningful Aquarius gifts.