Fun mugs for a good day

In this article I went over Amazon and looked up some fun mugs that I would like to get. Maybe you will like them too.

Fun mugs

Sometimes the fun lies in the small daily things that you use all the time. Mugs are just one example. If you love drinking coffee or tea, you probably use mugs daily. So why not choose fun and even funny mugs to incorporate into your daily life?

In this article I went over Amazon and looked up some fun mugs that I would like to get. Maybe you will like them too. My new motto is a fun mug for a good day. If such a small thing can make your day better, then you might as well try it out.

Have fun!

Bob Ross Mug

Fun mugs

Painter or not, everybody knows Bob Ross. He was one of the most amazing painters and the best part is that he was giving tutorials. Nowadays his tutorials are all over Youtube so everybody can access them. This fun mug is just a cool reminder of our beloved Bob Ross and his paintings.

The best part about this mug is that at first it’s just Bob Ross with a blank background. The heat from the coffee makes a Bob Ross painting show up. Who knows – maybe this inspires you to start painting?

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Fun mugs breakfast

Here’s a fun gift to give your other half or maybe even your parents. These mugs go perfectly together since they’re the parody version of Elton’s song. Only instead of ‘‘Don’t go breaking my heart, I couldn’t if I tried’’ there’s a more breakfast appropriate version.

These breakfast mugs are so fun and they could be an appropriate gift for a couple. If you’re looking for some fun gift ideas, mugs could be it. Especially if they both couldn’t imagine their day without some bacon and eggs. Perfect!

A Fun Mug For a Lego Enthusiast

Fun mugs lego

One thing I know for sure, is that you most likely don’t have a mug like this one in your collection. If you yourself are a lego enthusiast or just looking for a gift for a child, this would be such a cool idea.

This fun Lego mug allows you to be goofy and playful while enjoying your favorite hot beverage. I bet this could also work as an anti stress gift to somebody who enjoys lego. Such a mug is very unique and original. It would surely be appreciated greatly by your friends or maybe even close colleagues.

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Fun mugs constellations

We all have that one friend who is super into constellations, astronomy, horoscopes and stuff like that. So the perfect gift for them would be a fun mug with changing constellations. This one is an amazing example.

When the constellation mug is cold, it will show up some stars. From there you can try and see some constellations based on your knowledge of them. But the second you fill up your cup with hot coffee, tea, cappuccino or any other drink, you will start to see some constellations come to life. Instead of just dots, whole images will appear. Talk about an educational cup of coffee!

Birds on a Wire fun mug

Fun mugs birds

A very similar mug to the previous one is this Birds on a Wire mug. It might seem like a simple bird mug at first, but when you fill it up with hot liquid, it becomes colorful. The birds of the wire finally come alive and you can see their fun colors!

This is a perfect mug for any nature and animal lovers out there. Besides, it’s a fun mug to keep in your kitchen. Any guests will not even expect that this mug will suddenly change its appearance. What a fun way to brighten up your guests’s day as well as your own. 

Hopefully you liked these fun mugs! Amazon never seems to fail me.

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