Productivity during remote work

I had to work from home for months on end, and still have to do that pretty often. In that time I have managed to stick to a few methods that really helped me stay productive.

productivity during remote work

If you’re working from home, then you’re no stranger to the loss of productivity this way of working can bring. To remain healthy levels of productivity during remote work is a very important task, yet often easier said than done.

I’ve come to adapt to remote working because of the effect the recent pandemic had on my job situation. I had to work from home for months on end, and still have to do that pretty often. In that time I have managed to stick to a few methods that really helped me stay productive.

If you’re interested in hearing some of my tips, in this article I’ll give you some useful insight I’ve gained from my personal experience.

Hope it helps you!

Stay in touch with your colleagues

My tip number one is to stay in touch with your work colleagues. They know exactly what your working conditions are, so they might be able to help you in some ways. Just having that regular open line of communication with your colleagues can be very useful.

It also helps to voice your struggles and worries to your boss. There are times when the person in charge is overflowed by work, that the well being of the workers goes right out of memory. Especially if the new work conditions are very new. It doesn’t hurt to remind them about your work struggles.

Feedback is always welcomed. Maybe youcan even suggest to have some weekly meetings, if you do not experience that yet. It is greatly appreciated when you can take a while off your work to stay in touch with people who do the same thing you do.

Schedule time for rest

Rest is very important in any conditions. Only when you are fully rested and feeling well you can efficiently achieve your tasks. While working from home can be super relaxed and comfortable, the lines between work and rest can get blurry.

For it not to happen, you should always schedule some time for rest. Productivity during remote work is solely based on boundaries – find time to work and find time to rest. It should be something you always remember to do.

One way of having a little break during the day is making sure you get your lunchtime free. Some days it might feel like you have your hands full with work therefore you can eat and work at the same time. That is an example of what you shouldn’t do.

Always take care of yourself first. Your workplace will only gain from that.

productivity during remote work

Plan out your day

Another way of making sure your productivity during remote work is at its peak, is to plan out your day. Some work places don’t require you to be reachable at certain times so you get to be flexible. In that case it is super important to create a work discipline for yoursel.

Plan out your day. Make sure you get up early in the mornings to get everything done on time. Don’t stress yourself out over bad time management.

Set out little goals. That way you can feel accomplished when you get to cross out tasks from you to-do list. It’s a small thing but it really does help.

Create your own work station

As the photo above already suggests, it is easy to work from your own bed or couch or a kitchen counter. And while switching things up and moving work places can be good for your productivity, it is not the same if you don’t have a work station.

You should create a place for yourself that is meant only for working. That means you go there only to work, similarly like going to office. That way you will have your station of productivity. It will also let your loved ones at home know that you are busy when you are at your work desk.

These tips are very simple but they have helped me immensely! I can only hope you find them useful too!

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