Why Choose Rustic Wooden Planters for Your Garden

In this article we have compiled a list of reasons why so many people choose wooden garden planters for their garden.

wooden garden planters

If you’re also tired of the same flower bed design every year, it’s time to prepare something unusual and practical. Something like rustic wooden planters for your garden. Even if the planting has not yet started for you, this does not prevent you from preparing the wooden planters in advance for later introduction into the garden.

In this article we have compiled a list of reasons why so many people choose rustic wooden planters for your garden.

An easy way to create your own garden

You can use wooden boxes, pallets, boards, wine boxes and other wooden containers to create garden beds. You can introduce them into your yard, even if you don’t have a garden. All you have to do is fill the box with soil and sow the plants you want. 

If there are no ready-made boxes available, you can make one very easily from a few wooden planks. Four wooden planks can be bent and screwed together to create a frame. That can be placed in the garden to create a kind of small garden with a border. It will also prevent weeds from growing in the bed.

It is also a more practical solution to prevent freshly sown seeds from climbing on top. The inside of the box or frame should be filled with soil and the plants planted and grown as in other beds.

The confinement of the wooden planters helps to retain moisture more evenly, as it does not drain too far into another bed, so it is also a rewarding solution for watering the garden. Sometimes plants vary in their soil and fertilizer requirements, so wooden planters can be a successful solution to facilitate the right conditions.

Goodies in every box

wooden garden planters
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This idea of creating your garden solely with rustic wooden planters is also useful for making each bed for a different purpose. E.g. one box for lettuce, another for herbs, and another for courgettes and other vegetables. 

In addition, these wooden boxes can be supplemented with a frame or a box to put in the middle. That way the vines have room to stretch out.

Weeding made easier

Implementing this idea really makes weeding easier. Weeds will not multiply as much in a confined bed as in a lined garden bed. Also, if you grow specific plants in each box, weeds will not multiply as much. 

Weeding is also made easier because the box is raised and it is easier to weed because you don’t have to bend as far. The introduction of such boxes will further reduce weed growth if a black film is laid under the soil at the bottom.

Boxes or wooden planters can be used to create unusual garden arrangements. You can do so by introducing paths between beds with scattered stones, pebbles or turf. On the outside, some ornamental plants can be planted along the edges of the box. That can also be used for practical purposes, such as lavender, coriander, mint and ornamental bulbs. 

Colorwood Latvia wooden planters

colorwood latvia planters

So if you are looking into the possibility of buying or ordering some rustic wooden planters for your garden, a good option is Colorwood Latvia brand. They are a manufacturer of wood products, including boxes and planters from wood.

They use reclaimed wood and eco-friendly paints in order to make their products more beautiful. You can order custom wooden planters that will be made entirely for your garden and measurements. Sustainability is the key in any brand’s business these days and Colorwood Latvia is no different. They care about sustainability, the environment and your garden.

May your garden grow and blossom in these rustic wooden planters!

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