Good gifts for sister’s 40th birthday

In this article we have compiled a list of fun and interesting gifts for sister’s 40th birthday that will make her smile or try something new.

gifts for sister’s 40th birthday

If your sister’s birthday is coming up, then you might be in need of some gift ideas. If you’re looking for something creative and interesting, then we have compiled a list of gifts for sister’s 40th birthday.

Since it is a round and important birthday to celebrate, the gifts also have to be quite special. If you’re interested in the male version, those gifts are found in the article 40th birthday gift ideas for men.

In this article we have compiled a list of fun and interesting gifts for sister’s 40th birthday that will make her smile or try something new.

Airbnb gift card for a staycation

airbnb staycation gift card

40 is by no means yet old however also not the biggest party age where you would like to throw a huge event with 100 people. Sometimes the best birthday celebration is taking your family, or in this case maybe just your husband, to a cute little staycation.

Airbnb offers so many different places to stay at. Oftentimes they are truly beautiful, especially if found by nature. Give your sister a gift card for Airbnb so she can plan a little trip for her birthday and relax in a beautiful home. She will be able to make the plans for herself however you’ll have taken care of the cost of it.

Comfy weighted blanket

weighted blanket

If we’re thinking more of practical gift ideas, then a blanket is always a good one. Especially if you’re looking for gifts for your sister’s 40th birthday in the cold months of the year. To spice things up, we recommend getting a weighted blanket instead of a regular one. Lately it has been all the rave and we get why.

It is said that weighted blankets actually relieve stress and anxiety, giving the person feeling of warmth and support. The weight aspect of it supposedly improves sleep and works as a tight swaddle that is said to bring extra comfort. 

Pasta maker for an enthusiastic cook

pasta maker

Now here is a very fun and exciting gift idea for anybody who loves cooking and challenging themselves in the kitchen. Pasta maker is something that Italians would possibly be frowning upon and yet every pasta maker newby would be excited about.

If your sister is into cooking and she loves trying out new challenges in the kitchen, then a cool pasta maker is definitely a gift to consider. It will allow her to try out making pasta herself from scratch and who knows. Maybe soon she will be having family dinners with self made pasta. How exciting?

Premium quality chef’s knife

gifts for sister’s 40th birthday

And while we are still on the subject of kitchenware and cooking, every kitchen needs a good quality knife. Premium, even. And we all know that those can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and euros. Therefore if you know that your sister could use a premium quality knife, buy her one.

That will definitely make cooking and preparing food so much easier and faster. And what’s the most important – pleasant. An alternative is getting her a whole set of knives that can be placed somewhere efficient in the kitchen.

Engraved gold necklace

engraved necklace for sister

Jewelry is always a good gift idea for round birthdays. Oftentimes we think that choosing jewelry for other people is risky. And while it is so, such a gift that will be chosen by your sister’s sibling will be that much more special. There is instantly an added value to the gift only because of the person who has chosen it.

To make the gift even more special, choose a necklace with a custom engraving. That way this necklace will forever remind her of the 40th birthday and the time of her life she was having now. It could be anything engraved on it, maybe a date or an inside joke. Anything really that will make her smile. 

Cocktail masterclass

gifts for sister’s 40th birthday

If your sister is a cocktail enthusiast when it comes to drinking them, maybe it is time to finally learn some interesting cocktail combos to make at home. A cocktail masterclass is a fun and interesting experience for everybody and anybody who loves having a drink once and a while. Cocktails are a fun way to have a drink, especially if you’re into different tropical ones.

A masterclass could be something you both could do together as siblings. Or an alternative is for your sister to be able to take her bestie with her. It is a fun time spent together therefore totally make sure to give two tickets for the said masterclass. 

Neck massager

neck massager

Practical gifts at times can be the best options. Especially if your sister already seems to have everything she needs and wants. Then you might as well surprise her with something she hasn’t yet thought of but would love to have. A neck massager is a pretty good option if you ask us. 

If your sister is living a busy life – which could be both from a busy work schedule or raising kids at home, a neck massager is a must. Most of our tension builds up in the neck and shoulders. And there is simply no time to regularly go to massage parlors. So what if you could get a quick neck massage right at home anytime you feel like you need it? 

Smart digital picture frame

diigtal picture frame

Nowadays everything is about making your home more digitized and smart. The simple and basic picture frames are out of style now because there is a newer version to them – digital picture frames. They make sure the quality is especially good besides they make changing the photo easier than ever.

Giving such gifts for my sister’s 40th birthday is very nice and heart warming. Photos always remind us of a special memory, time spent together or a person. Therefore this will be a nice gift to receive from your family member. 

So here are all of our ideas for what makes amazing gifts for sister’s 40th birthday celebration. Hopefully you’ve found what you were looking for!

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