Experience gift ideas

Nowadays experiences are valued quite a lot more than any material things and products. So today I thought I would give you some fun experience gift ideas.

Experience gift ideas

Nowadays experiences are valued quite a lot more than any material things and products. People rather save up money to go travel or get any other fun experience than keep on buying the newest model computers and phones. At least in my circle of friends and family. When it comes to gifts, it is very similar. So today I thought I would give you some fun experience gift ideas.

That is the best kind of gift to give somebody who already seems to have it all. We all have a person or two who we would love to get a gift for but they never really need anything. That is why there are only two choices – either getting them practical gifts or experience gifts.

I am going with the second option today. Here are some experience gift ideas that would be fun for all kinds of occasions – birthdays, graduations and other holidays.

Escape room

Experience gift ideas

Escape rooms are an exciting activity that is done in groups of usually two to four people, in some cases 6 are also allowed. The essence of the game is to get out of a closed room within one hour. To do this, you need to follow various instructions, solve puzzles, look for keys and come up with an answer on how to break out of or escape the room.

The themes of the escape rooms are different and you can get into characters such as wizards, thieves and robbers, spies and detectives, professors and teachers, and many others. Before the game, the participants are introduced to the story of their characters and the task to be performed in order to increase the sense of reality and be able to fully play the role of the game’s characters. A very fun gift and a good time guaranteed!

A flight in a hot air balloon

Experience gift ideas

There are adventures that everyone must experience at least once in their life. A hot air balloon flight is undoubtedly one of the things everyone should put on their adventure list. A hot air balloon flight is a beautiful gift to give to someone on a special holiday. Flights take place all year round, but only in favorable weather conditions – to ensure both safety and good visibility.

Many want to experience a flight in a hot air balloon to get over their fear of heights. That is so because the takeoff is very gentle and you don’t even notice how you suddenly are high in the sky. It is a very beautiful experience to live through. 

Plane tickets for traveling

travel tickets

The ultimate experience gift idea is travel. Traveling today is easier than ever – moreover, it is not only very accessible but also necessary. Traveling opens up a new way of thinking, allows you to see things from a different point of view, have an interesting time, learn something new, and see very beautiful places. 

Besides, you can travel both actively walking around all the tourist attractions, and passively laying in the warm lands by the pool – each to its own. Whatever the preferred way of traveling might be for your gift receiver, make sure you let them choose. A gift card for travel in this case would be the best way to surprise.

A quad bike ride

quad bike ride gift

Sometimes the daily chores and responsibilities are tiring, especially when living in the city. Then you also want to go somewhere in nature and just free your mind from all the worries. A ride on quad bikes is a great choice that will allow you to have a good time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

Riding a quad bike is an exciting adventure that allows you to get away from the daily rush and have a good time. Feel the speed and don’t worry about anything else. Quad biking usually takes place in or near forests, on a specially designed track. A qualified instructor will help you to ensure the best atmosphere and give valuable advice for a more enjoyable ride. The recipient of the gift will only have to enjoy the beautiful adventure.

Boating adventure

boating adventure gift

When summer arrives, we all have a list of adventures that we should definitely try this summer. One of the types of active rest that provides a lot of exciting adventure and memory is a boat trip with all your friends or family. It is a popular form of active adventuring for both young people and adults.

A boat trip is a good way to relax in nature and do it in an exciting way. Giving such an opportunity is a great way to make your friends and family happy. It is an original gift that will be remembered for a long time and will definitely leave you wanting to plan next year’s trip.

Beer or wine tasting

beer tasting

Any tasting is a great way to taste a particular food or drink. Wine tastings, cake tastings and beer tastings are becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way to find out what you really like best.

In addition, the tasting experience itself is usually quite educational. The restaurant or brewery usually also provides entertainment. While the beer is being tasted, it is run by a knowledgeable professional. Tasting is an opportunity not only to taste new flavors, but also to learn more about brewing beer, its processes, etc.

A cooking class

Experience gift ideas

Cooking is a great activity that will feed not only yourself but also your loved ones. Cooking is especially important during the holidays – then everyone likes to show their culinary skills. Baking patties, grilling shashlik, and making a cheesecake is a pleasant process that others will definitely appreciate. However, not everyone is good at cooking – some have to work harder than others. Then comes cooking master classes to help.

Cooking classes are a great opportunity to learn a new skill, including cooking. They are usually run by chefs and experienced people who are excellent at cooking and managing a wide variety of cuisines. Cooking master classes will be useful for those who want to learn the basics of cooking, for those who want to discover new tastes and try something new, and for those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Skiing trip

skiing trip gift

If your weather and climate situation allows it, then a fun skiing trip could be a great gift idea to choose. While thinking of fun experience gift ideas, skiing definitely comes to mind. Take your gift receiver to a mountain and participate in some fun activities, including skiing and snowboarding. 

This could be an experience gift to enjoy with all of your friends. Going on such trips with like-minded people is always more fun. This too could be considered a travel gift, only to a specific destination.

Swimming pool subscription

Experience gift ideas

Public pools are available to pamper yourself with a regular swim. As autumn approaches, you don’t have to wait until next summer to swim well. You can do this regularly with a swimming pool subscription. That could be a great gift idea for somebody who loves swimming but doesn’t manage to do so enough.

In addition, swimming is also one of the best sports that trains almost all muscle groups at the same time. If you are tired of going to the gym or everyday running, then it’s time to try something else. A pool subscription is a good gift that will allow the recipient to stay in better shape and exercise more pleasantly.

A SPA getaway

spa getaway gift

Going to a SPA center provides an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work. Everyone needs quality rest, but sometimes we tend to put it aside and not devote as much time to ourselves as necessary. A SPA weekend or getaways will be an amazing experience as much as a well deserved rest too.

Relaxation in the SPA center is leisurely, customers have access to many different offers – SPA rituals and procedures. There are also special offers for both couples and singles. SPAS are generally welcomed not only for their range of procedures and professional activities, but also for their location. It is specially selected to give the guest a proper rest.

Indoor skydiving

indoor skydiving gift

For those who have always wanted to fly like a bird high in the sky, another gift idea could be an opportunity to try indoor skydiving. Real skydiving is quite a scary adventure that not everybody would want to experience. At least not right away. So a good way of preparing for that would be trying out indoor skydiving.

These flights are usually pretty short therefore they are over fast. So to make sure your gift receiver truly enjoys the experience you might want to go with them. Maybe buy an extra flight so skydiving can be enjoyed properly. Since it’s indoor, it will be both safe and fun.

Candle pouring kit

candle kit gift

For those who like to express themselves creatively, finding suitable gifts can often be a real adventure. Nowadays, there are so many ideas for expressing yourself creatively – drawing, pasting, painting, editing, cooking, etc. One way to present a cool and creative activity is to give away a candle making kit. A gift that is both an experience and practical.

Candles are not very difficult to create, so it could be a suitable gift for both beginners and experienced designers. It can also be an interesting gift for children to create with friends or parents. The process of casting candles is quite meditative, so this can be a good gift for those who are busy everyday and require a short break.

Fun pottery class

pottery class gift

Similar activity to creating candles is a pottery class. It is a fun way to get into a meditative state of mind while putting all of your attention to the creation of pottery. This is a fun activity for those who have never tried it. The instructor will tell you all about the best ways of making pottery.

This could be a fun activity to enjoy both alone or with your friends. Maybe even with your partner to test both of your patience and creativity. The best part about this sort of class is being able to take home your creation. And who knows – maybe the receiver of the gift will find a new hobby.

A DIY scavenger hunt

Experience gift ideas gift

One of the best ways to give somebody a gift is to add some mystery to it. You might already have all the gifts to your loved one. However maybe you found yourself thinking that you should add an experience to the whole process. So a scavenger hunt could be a fun way to give them your presents. Make them look for them!

You could create a map of all of your hidden gifts and make your receiver find them. It can all be based on riddles, your favorite spots or maybe some places with deeper meanings. A DIY scavenger hunt is a way to make the receiving of the gifts unforgettable. That does require some extra time, planning and attention to detail which in the end will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully these experience gift ideas were useful to you!

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