Gift ideas for boss

When it comes to finding gift ideas for the people in the corporate world, it can be challenging. For some formal and also exciting gift ideas for boss keep reading this article.

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When it comes to finding gift ideas for the people in the corporate world, it can be challenging. The gift has to be formal but in many cases it can also be useful and fun. It all really depends on the relationship you have with your co-workers, colleagues and in this case – your boss. For some formal and also exciting gift ideas for boss keep reading this article.

Here you will find both practical and exciting gift ideas for the boss. Some of these will be more pricey than others. But keep in mind that some of the gifts can be given not only from you but from the whole team – especially the more expensive ones.

Let me know if you have any other ideas I could add to the list!

A gift card in a restaurant

gift card

A tasteful gift for the boss will be a gift card in a restaurant of either your or their choice. It is desirable to choose a tasteful and fine restaurant, so that a visit to the restaurant will have a festive feeling. It could be a restaurant with a good menu or a specific restaurant that gives them a new experience.

The best part about giving a gift card are the many possibilities. Your boss will be able to pick the time when to go to the restaurant and with whom. Going to restaurants is always a nice time not only because of the food but also because of the good atmosphere and service. Besides, who doesn’t love food? Even the most serious and intimidating boss has to eat so a good meal will definitely warm his heart.

Coffee gift set

coffee set boss

If the boss you are looking for a gift for is a real coffee lover, then they will definitely enjoy the opportunity to try out a new kind of coffee. Maybe they already have their favorite coffee, but maybe you can surprise them with something they haven’t tried yet. For real coffee lovers there isn’t anything better than getting to know even more kinds of coffees.

There are also different types of coffee that your boss might prefer. Maybe ground coffee will be the best choice, but maybe some untried and aromatic coffee beans will be the right choice. The main thing is to take care of the beautiful packaging to give the gift a special value. Also take into consideration if your boss has a coffee machine at home or the office.

For example, this coffee and chocolate tasting gift set will be an awesome choice.

Air quality monitor

air quality monitor

In these modern times it is often possible to become very passionate about the pile of work to be done. Without even realizing it, we allow it to grow and grow. Unfortunately, in the eternal daily rush, we forget to prioritize our health and well-being. As important as it is to drink water regularly during the day, it is also important to be in fresh air.

Of course, the best way to do this is to go outside. If that is not possible, an air quality monitor may be a good alternative. It is a modern invention that serves as a reminder to take care of your health. It determines the air quality and warns you when it is time to ventilate the room. Such a gift for a boss who works a lot, could be a good reminder to take care of themselves.

A gift for their hobby

hobby boss gift

Another gift card can be a good choice for your boss if you know their hobbies. A gift card for their hobby that you are aware of will make your boss feel appreciated. Everybody needs time for relaxation outside of work. Some work more than others, and this will be a great reminder for your hard working boss to take  astep back and spend some quality time.

The most popular hobbies are fishing, sports, music and crafting. These are hobbies where it is always possible to develop and new accessories are needed. In addition, only the owner of the hobby knows what would be most useful for the hobby at the moment. That is why a gift card for hobbies is a great choice. It is a universal and useful gift to be a pleasure to receive.

Wine degustation

wine tasting

Those who know excellent wine will definitely not be unfamiliar with wine tastings. It is an exciting process, during which you can get acquainted with a wide variety of wines from the world and be sure to find your favorites. Wine tasting could also be a great activity for somebody to enjoy who is not a great wine expert, but would like to know more about it.

Wine tastings can take place in restaurants and various events, but the best experience will definitely be in the winery. It will be an opportunity to taste delicious wine, discover new flavors and learn interesting information about winemaking processes. This is a fun gift to give your boss if they are open to going wine tasting.

A planner for a new year

planner for new year

If the new year is approaching, a good gift idea could be a planner for the next year. At the end of the year we all usually conduct research on upcoming works, setting goals to be achieved during the year. A great helper is a planner – both for those who have been using it for years, and for those who will only discover one for the first time this year.

Planners are very different and everyone should be able to choose the most suitable for them. Nowadays, they are no longer just pages with free lines of personal notes. These are whole notebooks where you can add pictures, write down appointments, plan your workouts, walks, budget, bills. The whole day can be accommodated in the planner, therefore it is a useful gift for anybody in the corporate world.

A smart water bottle

smart water bottle for boss

A sustainable water bottle is a great way of hydrating during the day. Since it serves as a reminder to do so, you can drink enough water more easily because you are constantly reminded of it. If your boss tends to drown themselves in a lot of work, then this can be another gift idea for them to take care of their health more.

The best choice is a smart water bottle. It literally reminds you to drink more water and do it regularly. It is connected to an app that you can set up by your needs. It can remind, for example, to drink water every hour or so. Hydrate Spark water bottles are one of the best on the market at the moment. 

A flight with a hot air balloon

hot air balloon gift

There are adventures that everyone must experience at least once in their life. A hot air balloon flight is undoubtedly one of the things everyone should put on their adventure list. It is a breathtaking experience that allows you to enjoy unprecedented emotions, look at the world from a different point of view (literally) and feel free.

A hot air balloon flight is a beautiful gift to give to someone on a special holiday. For example, if your boss is turning 40 or 50, it might be an amazing gift idea to receive. Flights take place all year round, but only in favorable weather conditions – to ensure both safety and good visibility. Although the feeling of flying would be surreal in any case, a flight in fog would not be as gorgeous and emotional as a flight in clear weather. The perfect gift for the adventurous boss.

A universal gift card

giftcard for boss

I already mentioned a few options for gift cards as great choices for your boss. The last time to mention this, I must say that a universal gift card could be a great choice too. It is an especially appropriate choice for a gift in the corporate world. 

Universal simply means that it can be used in a wide range of stores or offered in the store. For example, it can be a mall gift card that works in a bunch of different stores. You are getting your boss a good and useful gift but what they do with it and what they buy – totally their own business. 

A ride on a yacht

Gift ideas for boss

A trip on a yacht is an exclusive gift that allows you to experience the interaction of wind and waves, enjoy the beautiful views and the company of the people you take with you. If you are still looking for gift ideas for boss who is adventurous and likes spending time outdoors, this could be a fun gift. 

You could organize it with your colleagues and throw a surprise party for your boss. Another option is simply finding a yacht service near you. That way you could get another gift card that your boss could use. Then they would be able to invite their family and friends, and have a beautiful celebration on the yacht. Fancy and fun!

The Boss mug

Gift ideas for boss

A simple and effective gift idea is a cool mug that your boss would use every day in the office. If your boss still does not have an iconic The Boss mug then it is about time you and your colleagues finally create a fun mug for them. 

I have created a whole article on how a fun mug can really brighten your everyday life. Most times when we choose to drink coffee or tea, it is almost a self care act. Therefore from now on your boss will also be able to smile at some funny mug of theirs. Make sure to take in consideration their sense of humor too. 

Check out some mug ideas in my article Fun mugs for a good day.

Laptop stand for the office

laptop stand gift boss

At a time when almost everyone has their own laptop, of course it is also widely used. This does not mean that we know how to use it as functionally as possible for the health of both us and our computer. When a laptop is placed on a desk, it is often not at a right angle. As a result, we have to look down, which is also damaging our posture. So another good gift for the health of our boss is a laptop stand.

A gadget like a laptop stand can greatly improve this situation. It is available in different lengths and is most often adjustable so that everyone can personalize it to their own needs.

Interesting reading material

reading material as gift

Reading material is also something to think about while choosing gift ideas for boss. If your boss is a huge reader, then new books of their liking could be a useful gift. Maybe you know what they prefer to read more – it could also be a specific magazine. Then a subscription for a whole year could be an amazing gift idea. 

If your boss is one of those who have piles of books everywhere, a good gift to get them from the whole team could be an e-book. Such as Kindle, for example. Just have to make sure beforehand that your boss is open to reading from an actual e-book. That would for sure save a lot of money and space in the office and home!

Either way, I hope you found some useful gift ideas for boss. Let me know!

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