Google company culture values

In this article we have researched the main Google company culture values that create the work environment at Google the way it is.  

Google company culture values

Google is one of the biggest companies in the whole world with over 100’000 employees worldwide. With such a huge company comes responsibility for creating a workspace that allows all of your employees to be productive while loving their job. Google company culture values have a huge role in that.

We wrote more on what it is in the article What is a company culture. Check it out first in order to fully understand our today’s article down below.

In this article we have researched the main Google company culture values that create the work environment at Google the way it is.  

Inspires creativity 

While Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, you might think that there is no place for creativity. In that you would be absolutely wrong. In order to create something innovative, which Google loves the approach for, you need to open up your creativity.

Google believes that a happier employee is more creative and productive. As a result, Google strives to create an environment in which employees have the freedom to foster their creativity, whether by contributing novel solutions to the same problems or simply by the way they work.

A common goal and mission 

A team is created where there is a common goal and mission to achieve. Every company should set their goals clearly to the employees. That way everybody knows what they’re working for and the common goal makes them feel like team players. 

Google’s company culture is based on a simple and direct mission: ‘To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ With such a mission, the team contributes to Google’s prominent company culture.

Google company culture values

Open communication 

Clearly communication is one of the most important parts of any company culture. In order for so many employees to be equally informed there has to be a strong communication system in which everybody feels a part of. 

Google has a flat organizational structure that encourages all Google employees to express their thoughts and opinions. A company structure like this allows for communication between teams of any level. Everybody feels like they can share their ideas and concerns. 

This means that lower-level employees can directly share their concerns or opinions with the CEO without interference from their managers.

Mentoring program

Google has an amazing mentoring program that helps every new Google employee to settle into the workspace. Firstly the newbies of Google are called Nooglers. Then there follows an onboarding process which can last up to 90 days. More on that check out the article What is Google onboarding process like.

Google encourages their employee mobility so that each employee can improve their weaknesses and strengths. The idea is to offer most employees the exact job they want and then assist them with the transition.

google benefits

Employee happiness at workspace

Google employs people whose sole goal is to keep their team of employees happy and productive. As a result, they provide an abundance of employee benefits and perks. Those can be free health and dental care, nap pods, hybrid car subsidies, video games, on-site physicians, swimming pools, ping pong, adult playground, organic chef-prepared meals, and free meals.

Google offices are a fun place to work that does not feel like any other workplace. This becomes difficult to achieve when employees work long days and even on weekends.

However, the Google company has succeeded in creating an enjoyable and creative workplace by providing employees with freedom, flexibility, free food, and other benefits. It leads with innovation and data, resulting in the ideal work-life balance.

Now you know a little bit more on Google company culture values.