Birthday gifts for Pisces woman

Pisces celebrate their birthdays from February 19th all the way to March 20th. In this article you will find some fun and practical birthday gifts for Pisces woman.

Birthday gifts for Pisces woman

Pisces celebrate their birthdays from February 19th all the way to March 20th. Pisces is a sign of water. Those born under the sign of Pisces are fairly social, but they can also be reserved and keep some things to themselves. It is sometimes difficult for them to find the right words to express their changing feelings over them. So in this article you will find some fun and practical birthday gifts for Pisces woman.

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A little bit about Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore embodies a little bit of each sign. Probably this is why it is so easy for Pisces to be emotionally vulnerable and open. One of the greatest talents of Pisces is the ability to see the unity of things. This is not a mind-oriented sign, it is driven by feelings and instincts.

To feel everything so deeply is a description about Pisces. These characteristics will also show through the choice of the best birthday gifts for Pisces woman.

Pisces will appreciate a gift from the heart

When it comes to Pisces, they are fairly sentimental as well. This has a huge connection to the gifts that they love to receive. Pisces is a sign that will absolutely adore receiving a gift that comes from your heart. If it is seen that you spent a while choosing the gift, Pisces will greatly appreciate that.

Don’t spare time searching for birthday gifts for Pisces woman, choose a gift with a heart instead of a mind. It should contain a fine cocktail of romance, dreams and fantasy. Then your Pisces person will be truly happy to know that you’ve spent a valid amount of time preparing the gift.

DIY gifts are the best choice

Pisces seems to be the only sign that will truly appreciate a gift made with your own hands. Because it was made especially for them, you invested time, work and a part of your heart in it. Pisces women have a very delicate taste. You will not be mistaken if the gift is of artistic value, elegance and sophistication.

So if you are good at making something with your own hands, get right to it. But if you’re not, do not worry a second. That is why we are making this article in the first place – to help you find amazing gifts and sellers for them.

The flower of Pisces

lilies water

Flowers are a huge part of gifts, sometimes flowers are best present in general. That is especially the case in such celebrations as Valentines day for example. Birthdays also require some flowers, therefore it is good to know the birth flower of Pisces – water lily.

Water lilies are gorgeous but under all that they are also peaceful and gentle. They are a perfect flower for your Pisces, that resembles their comedic and gentle personality. Try involving this flower into a fun bouquet for their birthday. The meaning itself will make this gift amazing.

Birthday gifts for Pisces woman

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of a Pisces lady, let’s move on to some realistic birthday gifts for Pisces woman.

Gifts are listed in the following categories:

Romantic gifts

Pisces are romantic beings. Romance is part of their daily lives. When looking for a gift for Pisces, a practical gift could be shot wrong, but a romantic gift will always be just in time.

A date in a fancy restaurant

fancy restaurant dinner

One of the romance classics is to go with your other half for a delicious dinner to a fine restaurant. It is an opportunity for both of you to get ready and go to the restaurant with the intention of creating a whole event out of it. Nowadays, it is possible to give such joy with a gift card in the restaurant.

The goal is to choose a restaurant whose atmosphere would allow you to enjoy each other’s company without the surrounding disturbances. Choose the atmosphere and menu that suits your Pisces woman the best. You can try to choose a restaurant where she has never been before. It is also possible to choose her favorite restaurant, making sure of a successful evening.

Romantic SPA weekend

spa gift

Another way to enjoy relaxation together is a joint SPA holiday. SPA is always a good option when looking for and thinking about birthday gifts for Pisces woman. It is an opportunity to relax both body and mind – and doing so with your other half. There is always a special romantic offer in the SPA centers, which is only available for couples.

Most often, SPA centers are located in beautiful locations. That means they also provide an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature or the city. Take long walks and generally unwind from the daily rush. If you manage to find a further SPA center, you will also be able to go on a small exploration of the area.

A board game for couples

board game

Board games are an interesting way to spend time with your friends or family. It often provides insight into each other’s knowledge and interests. Special board games for couples have also been created to make this gift more romantic.

They are most often based on the development, maintenance and improvement of relationships between couples. The topics can be really different. The best couples board games are the ones that make each other ask questions. The answers can lead to a great evening, sharing stories and events that you forget to share on a daily basis.

Outdoors picnik

picnic pisces gift

And another romantic gift idea can be an outdoors picnic. It’s always the thought that counts and with Pisces that couldn’t be more true. They always appreciate the thought that goes into creating a gift for them. Therefore, a picnic that you will set up for them will be amazing. 

To succeed with this gift idea, you might need some help from friends or family. Take care of all of her favorite foods and drinks. The location also matters so make sure to choose a very special one. It can be a beautiful meadow, quite forest or by the beach. So many amazing options! If your climate is still cold then you will have to think a little harder about your options. Just remember – there are no bad weather conditions if you’re dressed properly.

Original gifts

Pisces likes to think about the deepest topics of life, so topics such as astrology and esotericism often appear in their interests. Pisces have a strong intuition and a desire to develop their minds.

A book about the meaning of dreams

book gift pisces

Since Pisces likes to read and is often interested in astrological topics, the idea of a great gift could be an interesting book about these areas. In fact, Pisces already likes to learn something new, especially when it comes to self-development and growth in general. So a book, for example, on translating and interpreting dreams could be a good choice.

Books are gifts that will appeal to every reader. It is a classic gift that almost always manages to hit the target. Especially if, as in this case, you already know the direction and subject matter. All you have to do is wrap the gift beautifully and Pisces will definitely be happy.

Antique tarot cards

tarot cards gift pisces

Tarot cards could also lead to astrological and universe thinking. Everyone chooses whether or not to believe such things, but it is definitely interesting. Tarot cards are quite an entertaining gift that allows you not to look into the future, but to analyze the past and explore its connection with current events.

There are different ways to learn to use tarot cards. It can also be a lot of fun to do with friends at a party. And if you don’t put a special emphasis on faith on these cards, they definitely look stylish. Some kind of antique tarot cards could be a cool interior decor for Pisces, who likes such a theme.

Pisces horoscope crystal jewelry

pisces bracelet etsy

Jewelry can also be completely original, for example, with special crystals and natural stones. One great example is this Pisces horoscope piece of jewelry that we found handmade on the full marketing site Etsy.

This original piece of jewelry is made to personalized order – you can choose gold or silver plated. What makes this bracelet original is its stones, which are specially selected based on the personality of Pisces according to the horoscope. The stylish bracelet will be delivered in an already beautifully wrapped bag. It will also be accompanied by a card with descriptions of the stones.

An adult coloring book

coloring book pisces

Pisces love developing their skills and making sure they are always growing. If your birthday gal loves art, then the odds are she loves coloring too. Many people call it meditation, because simple coloring makes you focus on not crossing the lines. It is something great to focus on and forget about the daily worries.

To make the process more fun and interesting, there are adult coloring books available. They are often made of various shapes or animals or flowers. Anything your Pisces would love, you can probably find. What a fun way to find birthday gifts for Pisces woman.

Musical gifts

Pisces love music. When thinking about possible birthday gifts for Pisces woman, music will always be the right choice. It should be mentioned that Pisces listen to music only in the best quality available to them, so we recommend paying special attention to it.

A musical box

music box pisces

Musical boxes keep coming back in style. They are amazing pieces of decoration as well as serving as a musical gift to somebody you love. Most of the musical boxes we found can be personalized. They come with engraved messages, in the wooden boxes.

One option is this musical box from Etsy we found. You can clearly tell that this gift is handmade which makes it that much more special. When it comes to Pisces, an engraved message and a cute song will do it for sure. What a thoughtful gift that will never get old.

Cute and high quality headphones

headphones gift pisces

For music loving Pisces there are practical gifts to consider as well. One of the practical gifts to get a Pisces woman could be high quality headphones. Ones that she could use for listening to her music outdoors or maybe to work on some music related projects. Those kinds of headphones can cost quite a bit so it makes the perfect gift. 

Make sure you get some of the best quality headphones out there. That way the gift will be truly appreciated. Musical people often know the difference between music brands and such details. Therefore if you don’t know much about headphones, do a little bit of research. It will be greatly appreciated in the end.

Spotify code scan bracelet

bracelet pisces gift woman

While you’re looking for birthday gifts for Pisces woman, remember that she loves attention to detail. Maybe you know her favorite song of all time but just don’t know how to make a gift out of it. This one Etsy seller has really thought of a way. A Spotify code scan bracelet is an amazing gift idea that will leave your Pisces queen speechless.

At any moment your friend or a girlfriend you choose to get this gift for, will be able to scan the code on the bracelet. Then automatically the chosen song will open on her Spotify app so she can hear it. This is an amazing invention in the form of a bracelet. And it looks very minimalistic and elegant too. 

A book about ‘’Women who rock’’

women who rock book

If your Pisces is a musician herself, at times she might lack inspiration. In moments like that it might be useful to look back at some of the greatest women musicians who have done some amazing things. So a good gift idea could be this book about Women who rock.

Remind her of fellow women artists for inspiration. For a while now it has been said time and time again that women should support each other. And it is truly the time we all started doing so. Being inspired by other women and their success. If they can, so can I! We are very excited for everybody to look back at this inspiring book.

Jewelry and design

Pisces loves fine things – exquisite and tasteful things of life. This should be taken into account not only when choosing jewelry, but also design decor.

Personalized jewelry

jewelry gift pisces woman

If you are looking for gift ideas for the other half, then she could definitely enjoy a special piece of jewelry for her birthday. Many brands out there take special care that every woman can highlight her natural beauty with elegant and sparkling jewelry. 

Make sure you choose wisely a piece that your Pisces woman will truly love. Have a bit of everything in it – modern minimalism, brilliance created by crystals, as well as special personalization. The most important element of a gift is personalization. A woman will be happy to receive a necklace with a special engraving as a gift – her name, initial or an important date.

A cool decorative lamp

lamp gift pisces

If you are well acquainted with the taste of the Pisces, then a great gift idea could also be a modern and stylish interior item. An example would be a decorative lamp. It is not called decorative because it would not have any light. Moreover, because the main purpose of a decorative lamp is to serve as a design element, it cannot be expected to be a good helper for reading a book in the dark.

But in today’s wide range, you can definitely find something stylish and functional in one place. If you choose to give Pisces a lamp, then make sure that it is special – stylish and with a story, with value. Representatives of this horoscope can also be offended by an ordinary gadget, so make a careful choice.

Designer slippers

slippers gift woman pisces

It’s a similar case with getting her slippers – a pair of slippers from a nearby supermarket will not work here. Stylish and tasteful slippers can definitely be given to Pisces, but keep in mind that they must be special slippers. Maybe they have been wanting trendy slippers for some time now, for which she cannot afford to spend such a large amount. For a gift – perfect.

Designer slippers are another option. Maybe your Pisces has a particularly beloved and popular designer. Their work will be especially appreciated in any case, so even a simple gift like slippers will hit the top ten.

Artsy coffee table book

coffee table book gift

Not all books are for reading. Some books are designed to serve as an element of art. One such example is the coffee table books. They are filled with glossy pictures that guests can view. Most often, such books are located in waiting rooms. They can also be found in homes, where guests can read the book while the host prepares dinner, for example.

Since those born in the sign of Pisces love art, a related book for the coffee table could be just in time. These books are usually very large, even massive. Therefore, if you know that your Pisces has an empty coffee table in the living room, it is time to add something beautiful to it.

Makeup and perfume

In the makeup section, we have placed gift ideas for Pisces that will make her feel beautiful and confident. It can be cosmetics, perfumes or maybe the opportunity to choose a body care product to pamper herself with.

Gentle perfume

perfume pisces gift

Perfume is a gift that is hard to give to someone without really knowing their taste. However, if you are already in search of a gift for a horoscope, then perhaps it is worth trusting our interpretation of what perfume Pisces might like.

It is important for Pisces that the scent enhances the effect of the presence of love and elusive emotions, showing the world as beautiful and distinctly artistic. The Pisces will suit the perfume with a delicate scent. Therefore, it is worth choosing a scent that has the aroma of violets, lavender and lilac. The freshness of the ocean, amber, lotus, which can be mixed with the light aroma of citrus, peach, plum and sage, will also be perfect.

Beautiful lingerie

lingerie gift

A gift that will be equally romantic and feminine could be beautiful and elegant lingerie. It is a gift that is nice to receive from your beloved man. After all, often fine lingerie for a woman is like a luxury that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Of course, such a gift can also be given among women. The best solution would be a gift card for lingerie. Then the woman will be able to go to the store and choose the most suitable size. Then the gift will definitely work.

A gift card in her favorite beauty store

giftcard beauty store

Another amazing option is to give her a gift card in her favorite beauty store. It might be for perfumes or maybe for some makeup products. Either way, giving her the freedom of choice at times can be the best gift idea. That way she chooses what she truly needs – there is no way to go wrong with this kind of gift.

Make sure you wrap the gift card beautifully and still create some sort of suspense. Do not tell her right away what it is. Let her open the card herself and read it. That way she will be more excited for it.

Makeup class

makeup class pisces

People born in the sign of Pisces like to look beautiful and take care of their visual image. One way to become the best and improve your skills is a makeup master class. This could be a great way to learn something new. For a Pisces who is interested in makeup and desires to get better at it, this could be an exciting gift.

The make-up artist usually creates a beautiful make-up look, and in the process also shows all the products used, tells more about them. The receiver of the gift will be given an opportunity to observe the process and possibly also record some valuable lessons. All in all, a valuable experience and a beautiful opportunity to get better at it yourself.

Souvenirs with a story

Pisces love sentimental souvenirs and little things that will remind them of a beautiful event or words of encouragement. The main thing is that they come from the heart and have some hint of meaning.

Photo collage with beautiful moments

photo collage gift woman

When it comes to sentimental birthday gifts for Pisces woman, photo collages are one great idea. Memory in the form of images is very special, especially nowadays when we all have digital galleries only. In reality, however, there are almost no pictures in the house that would remind us of a beautiful moment, being together or traveling together on a daily basis.

It is important to choose a way to make a photo collage to suit your Pisces. Maybe it will be a photo collage to attach to a wall. But maybe it will be a series of individual photos to print and put in a beautiful box.

Personalized key charm

Birthday gifts for Pisces woman

Any personalized gift is a great gift that will mean a lot to the Pisces receiver. It may be the smallest thing that will mean nothing to an ordinary stranger. But for the birthday girl herself, it will mean everything if time, effort and a special message are invested in the gift. A good example of a lovely and valuable gift is a personalized keychain.

You can engrave a text on it – maybe Pisces initial, an important date or anything else that matters. Presumably, the key charm will always be by Pisces. It will be raised every day and seen by opening the door of the house. Therefore, it creates a message that will bring joy to her eyes and heart.

DIY art piece

art gift for pisces woman

Creating something with your own hands is always the hardest, but most worth it. Getting a gift of a unique painting, for example, is the best feeling in the world. Especially if you know that a friend or relative has invested hours in creating a gift just for you.

Because Pisces are often sentimental and emotional beings, they will be able to appreciate a gift they make better than anyone else. The tastes and interests of a particular Pisces are taken into account. After that, you will definitely create inspiration about what is best depicted in your painting and in what colors.

A personalized water bottle

personalized water bottle pisces

A bottle of water is a great gift nowadays because it reminds you to drink water regularly while taking care of your health. Consequently, the giver of the gift also shows concern for the Pisces and her health. Another reason in favor of a bottle of water is a sustainable gift that cares not only for the recipient, but also for nature around us. A useful gift that can also be personalized.

There are many brands who let you personalize their water bottles. You can do so with engraving or printing some text on the water bottle. Another option is to personalize it’s cap – that will be smaller in detail but still very special.

What not to give a Pisces woman

The nature of Pisces is mysterious and enigmatic. It is difficult to understand what they like and what they dream about. But there are certain things that you should never give to Pisces. 

Pisces can be offended by highly utilitarian items, such as a kettle or iron, unless they have dreamed of such a gift. It is likely that Pisces will perceive this as a redemption of formalism, a gift box, even if it is not meant to be that way. Even an expensive super vacuum cleaner will upset sensitive Pisces, because they hope to receive more than just an ordinary gift.

How to wrap the present for Pisces

When giving a gift, forget about pathetic speeches – Pisces immediately feels uncomfortable. Better to say two words, but from the heart. The perfect gift for Pisces should delight as much of their delicate senses as possible: look elegant, smell gentle, be pleasant to the touch. 

Pisces love the process of unpacking a gift, when opening the packaging layer by layer reveals the secret of the gift. So the packaging can be multi-layered, in a box.

That’s it for tips and gift ideas from us for now!

If you’re looking for some gifts that have some more symbolic meaning, you’ll find those in the article Zodiac related Pisces gift ideas.

Hopefully you found some cool birthday gifts for Pisces woman!