Birthday gifts for Pisces man

Pisces celebrate birthdays from February 19th to March 20th. So if you’re looking for some birthday gifts for Pisces man, this is the right article for you.

birthday gifts for pisces man

Pisces themselves believe that those around them mostly cannot understand them. They have a good intuition, which helps them to navigate perfectly in different life situations. Pisces celebrate birthdays from February 19th to March 20th. So if you’re looking for some birthday gifts for Pisces man, this is the right article for you.

We have also written a separate article on gifts for women, which you can find in the following link – Birthday gifts for Pisces woman.

A little bit about Pisces

Pisces have a natural tendency to mysticism, and often those born under this sign choose to live a deep spiritual life. They know that life is constantly changing and that by releasing and allowing flow, it is possible to find the spiritual source of existence.

This might be a part of your Pisces friend or a loved one too. Even if you don’t see it at first, you might want to think on a little bit of a deeper level. They might be into interesting literature about becoming a better person, thinking deeply about their purpose and life goals. This might give you an idea for appropriate gifts for Pisces.

Pisces will appreciate a gift from the heart

Pisces themselves put a lot of effort into finding a gift for their loved ones that is just for them. Their gifts are intimate in nature, because they look into the very depths of the soul. If you really want to please the Pisces, repay them with the same.

Make sure you spend some time looking for a gift that they will absolutely love. All the energy that goes into looking for a gift will be noticeable, we promise. 

DIY gifts are the best choice

If you’re good with creating something yourself, a DIY project will be the best choice for your Pisces friend or a loved one. Maybe you can make something that they need in their daily life – craft a scarf, make a personalized phone case or maybe even an engraved key chain.

The gift doesn’t have to be huge and expensive. Over all Pisces value time that you’ve spent on their gift. So if there is a sign that appreciates the sentiment, Pisces is it. 

The flower of Pisces

Birthday gifts for Pisces man

Men do appreciate flowers, especially on some important occasions. The birth flower of Pisces is a water lily. It resembles peaceful energy, the flow of life and of course water. In the bouquets, Pisces will appreciate sophistication and fine taste, so there is no need to overdo it with size. The flowers must be fresh, with a delicate aroma and muted tones.

Pisces are often fond of gardening too. If that is the case for your birthday boy, then maybe something for their gardening could be an alternative for flowers. Pisces love a variety of green plants and fruits, so maybe they would be happy to create their own winter garden.

Birthday gifts for Pisces man

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of a Pisces man, let’s move on to some realistic gift ideas.

Gifts are listed in the following categories:

Romantic gifts

Romance is important in the gift of Pisces. Their sensitive nature needs it just like air. Pisces often are not very practical, so you will never go wrong with a romantic gift.

A trip on a yacht

trip on yacht

Everyone understands something different with romance. For one it is a fine restaurant, for another it is a joint relaxation in a luxurious SPA center. While for others it could be a gorgeous yacht trip. Opportunity to feel the wind in your hair and have a good time for both of you is an amazing gift idea.

A yacht trip could be a great way to spend a romantic evening together. But just as well, a yacht trip could be a great way to celebrate your birthday with all your loved ones in one place. Since the pleasure of a yacht tends to be expensive, it will be worth it if you could celebrate with all the people, delicacies and champagne closest to Pisces.

Dinner in a fancy restaurant

dinner gift pisces

Who doesn’t like going on a date to a restaurant? It is an opportunity to dress up beautifully and spend time with the people you take with you. It can be a romantic date or a nice reunion with friends. In any case, an invitation to a fine restaurant is a gift that will not leave our Pisces indifferent.

Another amazing option can be simply giving them a gift card in a restaurant. That way Pisces will be able to take with him anybody he would like. And on a day and time that suits him the best. It is a win-win kind of situation for everybody involved. However if this is a romantic gift, then a surprise dinner date is the way to go.

Go on a chill vacation together

vacation gift

Pisces appreciate the effort you take into the planning and giving of the gift. They love receiving something thoughtful and not so much material. So if you want to surprise your Pisces man with memories of an amazing trip, his birthday is the right moment for it.

Go on a chill vacation together, without huge to-do lists and tourist places. Pick his favorite kind of vacation – staying in a fancy hotel, going to lounge by the pools or maybe going camping outdoors. Whatever it is, make sure you think of what he wants the most. Material things come and go, but gifts like trips and memories never fail to make you happy.

Try something new together

new hobby gift

Another option to be romantic is to try something new together. In a relationship we often tend to stay where it’s comfortable and known. Try to bring both of you out of your comfort zones just a little bit, by learning a new skill or seeing a new place. In the end it will guarantee a time well spent together and a new fun activity to do together.

It could be going stargazing or maybe doing a puzzle together. Maybe going camping and trying to survive for a weekend with no technology. Things and activities that are fun and interesting for you both to try out.

Original gifts

While looking for some birthday gifts for Pisces, original gifts could be a cool idea. Original gifts are often those that you do not expect to receive for your birthday. They are thoughtful and at the same time useful in their own way. Here’s what Pisces would like in this gift category.

Tasteful notebook

notebook gift

Pisces loves to write, so a tasteful notebook could be a nice gift for a birthday. Since Pisces celebrates their birthdays well after the beginning of the new year, the planners have definitely already bought them. So you need to think of ways to give away a really useful notepad.

It could be one of those places where you can write down your dreams or goals every day or answer some fun questions. All you have to do is find a beautiful and elegant pen and the gift will be complete.

White noise machine

white noise machine

Pisces love to dream and therefore they need to have their 8 hours of sleep every night. If your birthday boy is known to have horribly loud neighbors or just troubled sleep, there are ways you can help him. One way is to give him a white noise machine for his birthday as a gift. 

This one specific machine we found on Amazon. It seems to have a wide range of sounds and is of high quality. When gifting somebody a gadget and technology of some sort, it is always the unspoken rule that you have to get the best available thing. This one has a whole range of 30 rich and immersive non-repeating sound environments for better sleep, relaxation, and sound masking. Such a steal!

Neck and back massager for gamers

massager gift

These days more and more people have office jobs or end up working from home, so still an office job pretty much. And with a lot of sitting comes back and shoulder pain too. Although this amazing neck massager is advertised to gamers, it will be an amazing accomplice to anybody with a sit down job.

This massager works mainly with heat and some classic massage addition. It is pretty simple to use and anybody can easily use it when needed. Besides, if your Pisces man is a gamer, then this gift will only be more perfect for him in the end. 

Scratch off world map

map pisces gift man

If you are trying to find birthday gifts for Pisces man who loves traveling the world, this one will be an amazing choice. You know how they say that you have to visualize your goals in life? If your man’s goals are traveling the globe, then this will be the perfect representation of the places he has been to and will go to in the future.

These scratch off maps of the world are an amazing interior design decor. They look cool, they fill the blank wall up pretty good. And at the end of the day, there is nothing more satisfying than ticking one country out of your way.

Musical gifts

Pisces love music. The main thing is that the sound quality is perfect – you may not feel the difference, but the poor quality for the Pisces will be like a toothache. If you don’t know exactly what kind of music Pisces is listening to, give them a classic and you won’t go wrong.

Favorite artist record

record gift for man

While most songs today are available for free in digital format, it’s still quite different to have a record physically in your hands. The record is a value that may have disappeared for a while, but is in full swing back in fashion. It is a cool gift for someone who loves music in its original form.

Maybe your Pisces man has a record player who longs for new records. Young musicians and their albums are often offered in a wide range of formats. So hurry to find out who Pisces favorite singers and bands are. This is the perfect example of a thoughtful and a useful gift all at once.

High quality earbuds

earbuds gifts

Pisces loves music, but it is crucial to listen to it in the best quality. Hence, high quality headphones are the first necessity of Pisces’s everyday. If you want to delight your man with a gift that is associated with music, good headphones will be just in time. Nowadays, most people take them with them on a daily basis, so they often break down.

In any case, an extra pair will never be not needed. Especially now that wireless earbuds are becoming more and more relevant. They are much more comfortable, so they will definitely make the Pisces’s life easier. If he likes to spend his time actively and play sports, then wireless headphones are an undoubted necessity.

A good microphone

microfone gifts

Pisces like not only to listen to music, but also to create for themselves. If you also have Pisces in your circle this month, who likes to sing and record himself, then a good microphone will be a suitable gift. As with any quality product and gadget, a good microphone is an investment. This makes this gadget a great gift choice, as the Pisces himself might not buy it right away.

This will make the everyday of Pisces easier and allow him to express himself creatively. After all, singing is not the only activity that will benefit from a microphone. Maybe your Pisces likes filming shows or even short films and interviews. Even then, a good microphone will come in handy – a different kind of mic though.

MIDI controller

midi controller gift

For those who like to not only listen to music, but also create, a good gift could be an instrument to music. However, it often takes many years to learn musical instruments, and not everyone is able to do it on their own – without going to school. So we have a cool gift idea for those who already know how to play the piano – a MIDI controller.

It is an exciting and modern gadget that allows you to create your own compositions – various beats and melodies with modern solutions. This controller is also very small and light, so it is easy to carry. After all, you never know when inspiration will suddenly appear.

Jewelry and design

When looking for birthday gifts for Pisces man in the jewelry category, preference should be given to fine and tasteful jewelry. The ornaments must be exquisite, with artistic value, then Pisces will definitely appreciate them.

Adjustable Pisces bracelet for him


Sometimes all it takes for your jewelry to be more special, is the sign or symbols that means a lot to you. Since Pisces often are interested in their horoscopes and zodiac meanings, maybe your Pisces man is the same way. Then he would for sure appreciate this cool looking Pisces stone bracelet from Amazon. 

It’s the meaning of the gift that matters the most to Pisces. If you want to make this gift even more special and pure, make the bracelet yourself. Pisces is one of those signs that will appreciate DIY gifts more than anybody else. 

Cool art piece of lyrics

record gift

Another one of cool birthday gifts for Pisces man is something to do with art. Maybe this cool looking lyrics art piece that you can hang on the wall or just simply display on the shelf. If there is a way to combine decor and love for music, this is it. For the musical Pisces that also appreciates gifts with sentimental value, this is the ideal gift choice.

Each record is made entirely for your Pisces and his favorite song. If your birthday boy is known to have his ride or die song, put its lyrics on these records. What a fun gift to give! We might as well and go order one for us too. 

Custom whiskey set

whiskey set gift

Some birthdays are more special than others – that’s just the way it goes. If your birthday boy is approaching a special birthday, then it might be the time to treat him with an extra special gift. This amazing custom whiskey set will be perfect for those who have just turned 21 as well as for the real whiskey lovers in general.

The whole set with the box is pricey but surely worth it. This whole gift comes in a handcrafted wooden box that ends up being personalized. In the box you will find everything that you would need for drinking whiskey in style. It’s such a cool gift to just display for everybody to see too. Very tasteful and expensive looking.

Simple and stylish necklace

necklace gift pisces man

When it comes to jewelry, Pisces will appreciate something tasteful but fairly simple. This fun and minimalistic style of personalized necklace will fit anybody’s style. If your man is into fashion and loves jewelry, this piece will serve as a classic. It goes with everything and will always remind him of you as well.

Besides, this gift can be personalized too. That makes it even more special, as in most cases it always does.  You can select the length of the necklace and choose the engraved detail to personalize by your needs. 

Souvenirs with a story

The souvenir should have a footnote if you do not want it to be forgotten. It must contain a hint or message. The Pisces will gladly “read” it again and again, studying a magnet with a heart or a mug with the inscription “You are the best!”.

Pisces pint glass

pisces pint gift

A personalized souvenir can be something useful in the everyday of Pisces life too. Like these amazing cocktail glasses in the sizing of one pint. They are meant for somebody who is proud and loud about being a Pisces, as they should be.

Now, when the cocktail party is being thrown, it will always be fun. You can also give him a set of a few glasses of the zodiac sign for the rest of the family. Or it can also be a cool gift for a couple – with different or the same zodiac signs. So fun!

Personalized photo vinyl

record gift decor

Yes, you see it right, another record and a musical gift in this article. What can we say – if we could have a musical gift section of a hundred gift ideas, we probably would. One thing that we know for sure, this gift is adorable and therefore can be allowed and considered as a souvenir too. 

This record art decor is another way to personalize a fun looking gift. You can put up a photo of the Pisces man and his lover, friends or family. Whatever goes together best with his all time favorite song. This way he will constantly be reminded of this beautiful photo and the combination of it with the song.

Photo album keychain

photo keychain

As we mentioned already before, Pisces can be sentimental. They hold special value in the gifts that have been thought out and well planned for. This adorable little photo album keychain is one example of how cute an everyday item can be. 

You can select 14 photos of your liking. They can be of special moments in the Pisces’s life, maybe some family members, some friends. Some fun photos from traveling or graduation. Something that he will like to look back on at times when he will need some strength and new inspiration.

Personalized engraved lighter

personalized lighter gift

For those who smoke, a lighter is a must have at all times. Besides, you never know when a lighter will come in handy. Even for those who do not smoke. Either way if you want to give them a lighter for a birthday, make sure it’s a special one. One that is worthy of being presented as a gift. Such as this personalized lighter from Etsy. 

It is simple and stylish. You can engrave the first letter of your birthday boy’s name as well as his whole name on top of the lighter. This will be a fun accessory to have with him around at all times. 

What not to give a Pisces man

Do not give Pisces impersonal or long-term tickets, coupons, or money – they will be disappointed. Pisces loves the moment when you unpack a gift and a secret is revealed to their eyes. 

And Pisces is so distracted that a gift that can’t be used right away will be forgotten and remembered only when it has expired. Therefore, for Pisces more suitable gift cards will be used immediately.

How to wrap the present for Pisces

Pisces love secrets, so it might be intriguing to send a greeting email from a dedicated address with a sincere wish, but don’t sign up and only later discover that it was you. This type of greeting will be especially suitable if you are unable to be present and greet in person on the right day. 

You can also send a gift by mail, parcel post or courier – a pleasant surprise will color Pisces holiday. When it comes to wrapping – the more layers the better. Pisces love to enjoy the moment of unwrapping gifts, the suspense and surprise of it all.

Hope you found some fun and interesting birthday gifts for Pisces man!