How to ripen avocados

I have collected a few tips on how to ripen avocados – some take a few days but some other tips require ripening avocados in only 10 minutes or less. 

How to ripen avocados

Avocado is a tasty fruit, but only when it is soft and ripe. Unfortunately sometimes it’s very hard to buy ripe avocados in stores – they always seem to be a little hard. Since that isn’t a food that grows locally where I live, it’s understandable. However, there are ways on how to ripen avocados. 

I have collected a few tips on how to ripen avocados – some take a few days but some other tips require ripening avocados in only 10 minutes or less. 

Check out my article on how to ripen avocados fast and easy. If you try out any of these ways, please let me know how it worked out for you!

1. Paper bag and an apple

To ripen your avocados with my first technique, you will need a paper bag, an apple and some hard avocados. Put the apple with the unripe avocado in a paper bag and close it tightly. Then leave the bag in the kitchen overnight and allow the fruit to do the magic on its own.

Why does this particular trick work? The apple releases ethylene, a natural gas (often called as a fruit hormone) that helps fruits and vegetables ripen. For this reason, you can ripen other fruits and vegetables that are too hard this way too – bananas, tomatoes, pears and others.

However, if you want to achieve the opposite effect, store your ripe fruit as far apart as possible. Ripe bananas are those that can also ripen tomatoes, apples and other products well ahead of time.

how to ripen avocados

2. Wool avocado ripener

Another way to ripen your avocados, is to buy a few wool ripeners. They are little wool bags that you can buy from many sellers online. The wool bags make your avocados look cute in the process, too. So if you’re a regular avocado eater, then maybe it is worth it to invest in an avocado ripener.

The way they work is by fueling your avocado with dark and warm. In just about 24 hours your avocados will be ready to eat. So if you have one of those avocado ripeners, you can buy those super hard avocados from the store with no worries. 

avocado ripener

3. Ripe avocado in 10 minutes

Just 10 minutes to make an avocado from hard to appetizingly soft sounds incredible, but this trick works. It will be useful for those who are more impatient to implement this avocado ripening trick. 

What to do? Avocado should be wrapped in foil and put in an oven preheated to 95-100 degrees Celsius. Allow the avocado to cook for 10 minutes. Then unwrap the foil and cool it down. Your avocado is soft and ready to eat!

Why does this trick work? Avocados emit ethylene gas to help them ripen. Thus, if they are wrapped in foil and placed in a relatively lukewarm oven, the ripening process is considerably fastened. 

And that’s it for my most loved tips on how to ripen avocados!

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