Use wooden crates to refresh your interior design

In this article we have found some great ways on how to freshen up your interior with the help of a few wooden crates or boxes. 

wooden crates interior

The interior is something that can change from time to time. And it doesn’t take a lot of money to do it. Wooden crates can be a good tool for creating a great atmosphere and refreshing the interior of your home.

You might have some older wooden crates left from other projects, just taking up space in your garage. Or maybe you simply like the look of old rustic wooden boxes and crates, and you want to purchase some for a new home project. Either way it is a lot more affordable than buying new home decors or furniture.

In this article we have found some great ways and Pinterest ideas on how to freshen up your interior with the help of a few wooden crates or boxes. 

Wooden crates as shelves in the kitchen

Wooden crates as shelves in the kitchen

The kitchen is one area of the home where open shelving has become particularly popular in recent years. They can beautifully display all your dishes and glasses, as well as spices and other products that won’t spoil without a fridge.

Wooden crates are a wonderful solution and an easy way to create rustic open shelving units. As seen in the photo, there are different designs that you can play around with. Take into account your kitchen’s layout and free space to create a design that will fit your situation most. 

Coffee table from crates

Coffee table from crates

One of the most popular ideas when it comes to bringing in wooden crates into your interior is creating a coffee table. This idea is all over the internet since it can truly look so elegant and effortless, which in reality – it is. 

The most popular coffee table DIY idea is to take just four wooden crates and put them together. You can paint them any color you like since wood is so easily adjustable to your interior. If needed, you can even add some wheels to your table in order to be able to move it around more easily. 

Shelving unit

Shelving unit

If you happen to have a lot of stuff that just keeps on piling on and all of your storage spaces are full, wooden crates are just the solution you might need. Wooden crates are particularly good for storage purposes so you can easily store all of your stuff in them. However, there are more creative ideas if you also happen to have an empty wall in your home.

In that case a shelving unit or system can be created by an empty wall in your space. You can play with design options and go for different shapes and sizes of the used crates. In the end you should be left with something like in the photos above. 

A closet made from wooden crates

closet made from wooden crates

Another way to use wooden crates in your interior is to help you organize your shoes and clothes. The first example and idea is to create a shoe storage place from your wooden crates. They can be located in your closet or at the front entryway. That way is especially great if you live in a huge family where everybody’s shoes end up all over the floor every day.

The other idea is to implement wooden crates in your closet as a storage place for your clothes. Ones that do not need to be hung, can be easily folded and put away in rustic wooden crates. Those could be some thick jumpers, hand bags or hats, for example.

Bedside tables

Bedside tables

If you are in need of new decorative pieces rather than practical and functional ones like storage systems, wooden crates can be transported into chic bedside tables. Since we usually do not need that many things stored by our bed, these kinds of tables can be more decorative and serve the purpose of holding a few books, our phone and jewelry worn on that day.

Of course, you can still create your bedside tables fully functional and practical. We have simply put a few fun bedside table ideas in the photo above for you to get inspired by.

Working station

Working station

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration when it comes to many things, however redoing your home interior is definitely at the top there. When it comes to creating your home working station, wooden crates can help you achieve that rustic, vintage yet aesthetic vibe many of us try to go for.

The options we have selected in the photo have been found in the previously mentioned Pinterest. It is such a simple yet effective idea to recreate in your office room at home. For more privacy you simply need to attach some sort of doors to your crates to create a more closed off effect. And voila, your work from home station is ready.

Rustic wooden crate drawers

Rustic wooden drawers

If open kitchen shelves aren’t for you, then maybe closed off rustic wooden drawers is the right choice. It is a task that’s a little bit more complicated since you have to figure out the drawing system. However the end result can be truly fantastic.

When you have some free space in your kitchen or any other room of the house or apartment, you can get creative. Wooden drawers would be useful for the kitchen, your closet or maybe even previously mentioned working station.

It is best to reuse the materials that you already have. However if you do not, then make sure to purchase some eco friendly crates. One example is Color Wood Latvia – a brand that creates rustic wooden crate pieces and not only. Their main pro is being able to reuse crates from reclaimed wood. Then they produce boxes, crates, display stands and even furniture.

Hanging planters

hanging planters

And last but certainly not least, you can use your wooden crates for creating planters for your plants, flowers and even herbs. The more plants are at your home, the better. That is the number one interior tip we always make sure to give – involve plants in your home space.

To create some planters you can use crates or boxes, whichever fits your design ideas better. We liked the option where you can easily create hanging planters for your greenery. That way you can save up some extra space and hang your planters where there is more free space in your room.

These were our top ways and ideas on how to use wooden crates to refresh your interior design!

What was your favorite idea?

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