The most popular types of retreats

The world of retreats is a world of diversity. In this article find out the most popular types of retreats and destinations.

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The world of retreats is a world of diversity. In this article find out the most popular types of retreats and destinations. There are travellers whose main goal in a particular country is to go on a retreat. Seeing new places and improving your well-being is a concept that is attracting more and more travellers all over the world.

Among European countries, the most popular destinations are the warmest countries in Europe – Portugal, Spain and Italy. For those with a harsher climate, the multi-climate Iceland will suit. Wellness and spa retreats are in high demand in Europe.

Many people rush to Asia for retreats in India, Indonesia and Vietnam. These countries are rich in history and culture, and it is from these places that the practices that are practised on most retreats come – yoga and meditation.

Yoga retreats

yoga retreats

One of the first types of retreats is yoga. Yoga retreats are usually happening in beautiful and peaceful places. In addition, there are many smaller categories under this category – active yoga retreats, ayuvedic retreats, exotic yoga retreats and so on.

It is a suitable retreat for anyone who wants to be at peace with themselves, let go of tension, organise their thoughts and move their body.

The practice of yoga is thousands of years old and has its origins in Asia. This is why those who want to go on a yoga retreat choose to travel to India, Indonesia or Thailand. But as yoga is one of the most sought-after retreats, there is no shortage of retreats in Europe – Greece, Spain, Portugal.

Usually retreat participants practice yoga several times a day. Yoga sessions are organised both indoors and outdoors, e.g. by the ocean. Often, yoga sessions with different teachers practising different techniques are possible within the same retreat. Yoga strengthens the heart, helps to keep fit, improves mood and boosts the immune system.

Detox retreats

types of detox retreats

A detox is a cleansing of the body. A detox retreat is a good way to restart your body. It can improve productivity, provide energy and give rest to the digestive system. Detox retreats exclude various foods such as flour, sugar, meat.

Meals are light and healthy, and in some of these detox retreats, participants eat only freshly squeezed juices. This type of retreat will suit people who are up for a challenge.

Digital detoxes are also popular nowadays. These are retreats that are held without phones and the internet. This way, all the noise of the world remains somewhere in the distance. Such retreats are particularly useful for those who are addicted to or otherwise negatively affected by social networks.

Weight loss retreats

weight loss retreats

Another one of the popular types of retreats are the weight loss ones. Many people find it difficult to get rid of excess weight. Maybe that’s why weight loss retreats have become so popular.

Weight loss retreats are all about losing weight – a variety of physical activities and eating a healthy diet. What’s more, retreats bring people together with a common goal. Team spirit can play a big role in achieving your goal. This type of retreat can be found all over the world – in India, Thailand and Mexico; in Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

Weight loss retreats have a strong emphasis on healthy food. A wide variety of food is available to retreat participants, catering for different diets. For example, keto, paleo, gluten-free. Some retreats do not use animal products such as milk or eggs. Some of the organisers have also prepared various educational lectures on nutrition for the participants.

Another important part of weight loss retreats is physical activity. Often, such retreats start with a morning walk or exercise. Depending on the specific retreat plan, a variety of physical activities are on offer that will both burn fat and strengthen the body’s musculature. Such a retreat can be a good and inspiring start to a healthier life.

Mental health retreats

mental health retreats

Mental health is increasingly talked about. Depression, anxiety, stress, burnout. These and other problems face people all over the world. It is no surprise that this topic is also being addressed in the retreat world. Although a retreat should not be seen as a substitute for therapy, for example; it can still help to find encouragement at a difficult time in life.

Mental health retreats include retreats where self-acceptance and self-love are practised; where activities are carried out to help combat anxiety and stress. There are retreats for tired parents – you can participate with your baby. There are programmes to help participants deal with a past trauma or experience.

Spiritual retreats

spiritual retreats

Retreats have their origins among spiritual and religious people. One way of defining a retreat is through spiritual practice. For some people, a retreat is about getting closer to God and strengthening their faith. Spiritual retreats are particularly popular in Asia – Thailand, India, Indonesia. But there are also Christian retreats.

Spiritual retreats are held in beautiful locations that offer a retreat from the distractions of the outside world. Depending on the programme of each retreat, spiritual retreats may include a variety of activities. These may include shamanic rituals, chakra balancing, dancing rituals. Meditation is also important. Meditation is a tool to connect with God or other higher powers.

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Nature retreats

nature retreats

Other popular types of retreats include the nature retreats. They are especially valuable for people who have spent their daily lives, and maybe even their whole lives, in the city. Nature retreats are happening far away from the eyes of civilisation. They can be forests, jungles, mountains. At nature retreats, people reconnect with themselves and with nature.

In nature retreats, the programme is often adapted to the location. For example, if the retreat is happening in the mountains, one of the activities will definitely be hiking. If there is a body of water nearby, the activities may include, for example, a refreshing morning swim. Meals are also a big focus – organic food is often available at nature retreats.

As with other retreats, yoga and meditation are among the main activities. These are peaceful, quiet retreats where you can draw energy from your surroundings and socialise with like-minded people.

Wellness retreats

wellness retreats

Elegant suites, pools, saunas and massages. Organic, healthy food. A team to take care of your physical and mental well-being, and perhaps even solve a long-standing health problem. The range of wellness retreats on offer is so vast that it is almost impossible to list.

Well-being retreats relieve stress, recharge you and allow you to return home inspired. These retreats are sometimes chosen by people who want to recover from a physical injury or major surgery. It is a productive way to spend your holiday – improving yourself in a scenic part of the world.

These are just some of the most popular retreat types and destinations. There are many others – silent retreats, marriage retreats, art retreats. We have created an article on one of these types of retreats, check it out on What is silence retreat.

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