Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

Scorpios celebrate their birthday from October 24th all the way until November 22nd. Find some fun and interesting birthday gifts for Scorpio woman here.

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

Scorpios celebrate their birthday from October 24th all the way until November 22nd. It is a Water sign and possibly one of the most misunderstood signs of them all. Therefore finding birthday gifts for Scorpio woman can feel challenging at first. But it really isn’t and we are here to help out.

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Scorpios are loyal and mysterious

This mysterious and inscrutable sign feels the need to give herself fully to something, and this is most evident in close and sincere relationships. Scorpio natives tend to feel lonely and long for deep, loyal friendships and relationships, but they won’t make these connections lightly. 

Scorpios follow their intuition, carefully weighing who to give their loyalty and trust to. So if Scorpio is your ally, you can be sure you’ve made a true friend. 

The gift has to be full of originality

Scorpios have amazing personalities, so they expect gifts to be special too. Anything that awakens her powerful imagination will be enthusiastically accepted. This applies firstly to adventures and travel, as well as handicrafts and gifts that will bring out her natural sexuality. 

Gifts and souvenirs with erotic undertones will always be the right ones (of course, if the situation and the level of acquaintance allow it).

Never ask a Scorpio what to get her. Most likely she will answer “nothing”, as she considers any reason for celebration, even her centenary, to be insignificant. Scorpio likes ambiguous emotions – like the rebellion of the elements. Even if you choose for her a painting of sunflowers, they had better be sunflowers before a thunderstorm, or in the proper summer heat.

After all, if you don’t know what to give a Scorpio, give her money. It will make her happy, because money is freedom! Freedom to buy what you like.

The birth flower of Scorpio

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

The birth flower of a Scorpio woman is a geranium. These flowers are both beautiful and mysterious, just the way Scorpio is most often perceived. Even though geraniums typically represent joy and well wishes, each color has a unique symbolic meaning.

For example, pink geraniums, which symbolize love and tenderness, were frequently employed in legends as ingredients for love spells. 

Blue flowers are supposed to offer calm and peace to individuals who own them since they symbolize peace and harmony. 

Purple geraniums can be given as a present to anyone; they often stand for success, nobility, royalty, pride, and accomplishment.

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of a Scorpio woman, let’s move on to some realistic birthday gifts for Scorpio woman.

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman are listed in the following categories:

Exotic and exciting gifts

Scorpio loves expressive and strong emotions, so exotic and extreme gifts could be just in time for her congratulations. Exotic and unusual gifts will be highly appreciated by Scorpio.

A gift for exploring mysticism or esotericism

tarot card gift scorpio

Scorpio is interested in all that is related to the unknown – mysteries, magic, secrets and unsolved puzzles. It is important for her to join in the puzzle solving and learn something new that most people don’t know. 

If you’ve heard a Scorpio muse about something like this, then you know you’re on the right track to choosing the right gift for a Scorpio.

It could be an exciting game that lets you follow mystical characters and go on an adventure with them. Equally well, it could be anything to do with esotericism. For example, a fascinating book on the subject that will allow your birthday girl to learn more. It could also be an escape room, for example. 

An ornament or jewelry piece from an exotic trip

scorpio gift earrings

Jewelry is a gift that is a pleasure to receive, especially if it is tailored to the tastes and feelings of the person giving it. A piece of jewelry or ornament can be personalized and thus serve as a special gift that will always hold a special place in the heart of the Scorpio.

As Scorpio is a lover of the exotic and mysterious, jewelry should also have a special added value. Look for the exotic when you choose a piece of jewelry for Scorpio.

It could be a stylish bracelet or earrings, but the more interesting and original, the more Scorpio will love it. A piece of jewelry from an exotic trip is a great souvenir to bring back for Scorpio.

A unique bottle of wine

bottle of wine gift

If your Scorpio is a wine girlie, then give her exactly what she wants – a taste of a unique wine. There are so many wines that she for sure still hasn’t tried out, maybe look for some wines from other countries. Go to wine stores, not just super markets and so on.

A great addition to this gift is appropriate gift wrapping. The wooden box you see in the photo above is an amazing pick. This engraved wooden box will be a special gift because you can personalize it. 

A city scavenger hunt

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

Another fun and exciting idea for the perfect birthday gifts for Scorpio woman is a scavenger hunt. You can make it at home or in the garden. Hide a bunch of notes and clues that will lead to the main present. The chase is what is the most exciting.

There are many companies who make a whole experience of these scavenger hunts. Maybe your local area can even do a whole city scavenger hunt. That would be so exciting and fun! If you’re giving a gift to someone who loves a challenge, or who just moved to a new city, this kind of gift is an amazing option.

Free time well spent

Scorpios love to spend their time with intent. No random walking around or going places. If they’re going somewhere, it better be nice and worthy of their time.

Wine masterclass or tasting

wine tasting

It’s not time wasted if you have the chance to learn something new and interesting. For a wine lover, a wine masterclass or wine tasting is the perfect birthday gift for a Scorpio woman. The tasting will not only include a variety of wines, but also a selection of delicacies. You can learn about where the wine comes from and find your favorite.

Alternatively, you can take part in a masterclass with a wine element. For example, learn more on which wines go with which foods and so on.  Maybe part of the masterclass will be to make your own mulled wine or something like that. Exciting and fun!

SPA weekend

spa weekend gift for scorpio

Similarly to the last gift idea – no time is wasted if we not only learn something, but also take care of ourselves. Scorpios love taking care of themselves and taking time off. If your Scorpio deserves a luxurious time off, treat her with a SPA weekend.

She will have plenty of time to relax and free her mind of daily responsibilities and worries. Make sure she can have relaxing massages, lounging by the pool or even better – a lake or beach. SPA weekends are the best gifts to receive.  

Dance courses

dance courses gift

Scorpio likes to learn new things and brush up on existing skills, we’ve already established that. A dance class could be the perfect gift for a Scorpio, as this zodiac sign loves to dance passionately. And who wouldn’t want to learn a dance that will make other people and their partners happy?

If you know that your birthday girl is ready to take up a new hobby and get some exercise in the meantime, then a dance class could be the perfect gift for the birthday. 

An Airbnb experience

airbnb experience gift

Airbnb is probably the best place to look for an unexpected experience. There are so many cool places to visit and stay. If you cannot take your Scorpio out for traveling right now, the next best thing is a cool stay-cation. 

Depending on where your giftee lives, you can book them an adventurous experience on Airbnb. Maybe they will choose to stay there as a romantic holiday. But maybe they will just go there alone, stay for the given time and just enjoy the change of scenery.

These bookings can be both adventurous and peaceful. Maybe your Scorpio would be into staying in a cottage in the woods or a glass house to see the stars at night. Or maybe just a cozy home with a great city view will do. You figure that out!

Luxury gifts

If there are perfect birthday gifts for Scorpio women, then luxury is one of the first things to look for. They love elegance, charm, and class. So here are some ideas that fit into luxurious gift idea catalog. 

A unique lipstick set

lipsticks for scorpio birthday

If your Scorpion lady is a smoker, then you best believe that her lighter has to be special. It will not be anything from the grocery store, it will certainly be a fun and classy looking lighter. So why not give her something fun related to that – maybe a cigarette lipstick set?

This set is a fun and quirky way of getting new lipsticks. Of course, smoking is not good for your health and we recommend you do not do so. However it is often seen that smoking is idealized for aesthetics. Here the idea is rather similar. So for aesthetic reasons – this gift is a fun choice for a smoker.

Jewelry with Scorpio horoscope

scorpio jewelry gift

We also include jewelry among the luxuries to give a Scorpio on their birthday. Personalized with the Scorpio zodiac sign. If your birthday girl is someone who takes pride in learning more about their horoscope sign, then a piece of jewelry with a little horoscope symbolism could be the gift that hits the target.

Etsy is a great place to find various examples of such jewelry. The necklace pictured can be found under the name 925 Silver Zodiac Scorpio Chain. It symbolizes the zodiac sign of Scorpio and all that is associated with it. The gift is sweet and elegant at the same time – perfect for Scorpio ladies. 

Stainless steel smart water bottle

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

Stainless steel is another material that is suitable for Scorpio gift choices. It’s tough and won’t disappoint, so a steel water bottle for everyday use or sport will be just in time. If your Scorpio cares about the environment but doesn’t yet have her trusty water bottle, it’s time to treat her to one.

Maybe your Scorpio already has her own sustainable water bottle. Then the way to raise the bar is by giving a smart water bottle. 

It’s connected to an app and reminds you to drink regularly, as well as keeping track of your water intake during the day. It’s a modern gift and a great way to take care of the health of the birthday girl.

Silk pajama set

pajamas for birthday gift

Scorpios can be very seductive and possess a high sexual energy. Therefore gifts like cute pajama sets, lingerie and anything like that will always be a greatly appreciated gift. Currently we are obsessed with silk pajama sets that look very elegant and rich.

These personalized pajama sets are made from silk. They are easily personalized for bridesmaids or other occasions. And most of all – how cute are they? Make sure to pick the color your Scorpio will gravitate towards the most.

Multifunctional tech

Tech is always a great choice for when you’re looking for birthday gifts for Scorpio woman. Here are some fun ones. 

Coffee machine

coffee machine

A coffee machine is the perfect gift for the modern coffee lover. As Scorpio likes functionality and therefore practical gifts for the home, a coffee machine is a good choice. It will allow her to enjoy quality coffee in the comfort of her own home.

Many of us can’t imagine our mornings and the day as a whole without a delicious coffee on the way to work or in the morning itself. A coffee machine is what will allow your Scorpio to enjoy coffee at the highest level at any moment of the day. 

It is a gift that many people dream of. Delight your Scorpio with comfort and a delicious cup of coffee every day.

Smart ring

smart ring

One of the smartest health wearables is a smart ring. It comes in a sleek yet quite bulky design for a ring. It is perfect for Scorpios since they often prefer bulky materials such as steel. And the best thing about this ring is not only the looks but the health benefits.

This modern looking ring accurately tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, and activity, then provides insight and guidance based on what it tracks. Considering how discreet it is, that’s quite a feat of engineering. We love a good investment in health, so surprise your Scorpio girl with this amazing tech gadget!

Indoor garden for the healthy Scorpio

indoor gardne gift

While we are still on the subject of health, growing your own herbs has become quite a trend. Simply buying some seeds and potting them, then putting them in the sun on your windowsill and herbs start to grow! It is so nice to have fresh cilantro or basil whenever you need one.

If your Scorpio is on the same page as us, then give her a fun indoor garden set up. A small one so her kitchen is not too crowded. The winter is the best time to bring some greenery in your kitchen and home in general. 

If you manage to get one that waters itself – the better for Scorpio. Tech has gotten everywhere – indoor gardening is no different.

Stylish waffle pan

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

If you want to treat your Scorpio to something functional and delicious, a quality waffle pan is a great choice. For a real foodie, it’s the best way to treat yourself to a quick snack.

Make sure your Scorpio doesn’t already have one at home. If she does, there are plenty of other kitchen appliances that are really interesting and don’t take up so much space. Maybe it’s a thin pancake pan, a toaster or something else. Maybe it’s a special coffee grinder or a milk frother – the choice is temptingly wide these days.

Expressive perfume

Birthday gifts for Scorpio woman

Basic and simple perfumes are not the best gift to give a Scorpio on their birthday since Scorpio is as deep, enigmatic, and hot as a volcano in the ocean depths. This horoscope sign has the power to sublimate and change energy. It is related to the lotus, a stunning, holy bloom that emerges from a swampy area.

She enjoys a variety of sophisticated, slightly contradicting, seductive smells. In addition to the delicate lotus, which heightens the mystery, the smells also include pepper, ginger, anise, red orange, gardenia, cedar, patchouli, musk, and red orange.

Hopefully you’ve found some amazing birthday gifts for Scorpio woman in your life!

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Happy gift hunting!

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