Best choice for running: orienteering shoes

In this article I look at 4 great sports and orienteering brands, whose shoes I’ve been considering for the past while. 

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Running is an amazing way to improve your overall health. That being said, it is very important to choose the right equipment. When it comes to running, shoes are the most important part. For a while now I’ve been on a hunt for the best running shoes and I’ve come across a few amazing options.

In this article I want to look at 4 great sports and orienteering brands from Best4o shoes category.

Here are the brands mentioned in the following article:

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Best running shoe brands in orienteering

There is a reason I am choosing orienteering shoes for me simply running. When you really think about it, orienteering is a hard sport where the majority of it you have to run long distances. Therefore I am convinced that orienteering shoes are the most comfortable option for running.

It is crucial (in orienteering) to have good running shoes. They can truly enhance your ability to run faster, smoother and stay comfortable the whole way. So here are my 4 options.

The innovative Inov-8 running shoes

inov running shoes

Inov-8 is one of the most famous brands I know that specialise in orienteering apparel. To quote the brand itself, they say –

‘’Inov-8 is a footwear, clothing and equipment brand for committed trail and off-road runners, fitness athletes and adventure-seeking hikers who push boundaries and stretch limits’’.

Inov-8 is the world’s first – and only – brand to use the wonder-material in sports shoes.

Inov-8 Oroc Ultra 290 orienteering shoes

This model is the first shoe in the photo from left in color red and black. These shoes are known to have aggressive grip on any terrain. That is especially important if you prefer to hike or run on trails that are at times not in the best condition. A good grip is a wise choise that these orienteering shoes offer.

Inov-8 Roclite 280 trail running shoes

The shoe in the photo in the middle is the Roclite 280 trail running model. The priority of these shoes is mostly comfort. If you go on long runs or are just beginning to run long distances, these shoes will be your biggest fan. These Inov-8 trail running shoes are also very light.

Inov-8 X-talon 212 V2 trail running shoes

And the last but not least, comes the Inov-8 X-talon 212 V2 shoe model. These are running shoes that are very durable, meaning they will last you quite a long time. They are also comfortable and light.

The practical VJ running shoes

vj running shoes

The next brand is the VJ running shoes. This brand was founded in the dense forests of central Finland almost 40 years ago. The brand was born from a need for a better shoe for the rough and slippery terrain.

Making shoes for orienteering and other extreme sports, VJ shoes prove themselves with exceptional durability, superior grip and high quality. They don’t stay back much from Inov-8 since this brand also uses the newest technology to improve their shoes.

VJ Bold X orienteering shoes

The first shoe in the photo from the left is a VJ Bold X model. It has an optimal grip with optimized lug pattern and stud positioning. This model has a soft heel technology, which means it gives great support when it is needed and still manages to stay comfortable.

VJ Integrator 18 orienteering shoes

The next shoe in the middle of the photo is the Integrator 18 model. Now these shoes are considered to be one of the most popular orienteering shoes in the whole world. For that they have a lot of pros, including comfort, stability, lightweight and shape that fits like a glove.

VJ Integrator High 5 orienteering shoes

The last but not least shoe can be considered and updated version of the previously mentioned Integrator 18 shoe. With this shoe the brand has updated durability as well as the grip too.

I also love the design since it’s colorful and really motivating. Bland and minimalist shoes are in the past. When I’m running, I want something to cheer me up

The stylish Icebug running shoes

icebug orienteering shoes

Icebug is the brand to look in for high quality and good style. What I love about this brand is their openness about serious topics. The made products are amazing, but I appreciate when the brand also creates it in ethical and socially responsible ways. To quote –

‘’Unless we close our eyes, we know that we need to take action. Change is not only possible, it’s constant. So now is a good time to start shaping the future we want’’.

Icebug Spirit 7 W OLX orienteering shoes

The bright orange shoe in the photo from the left is the Spirit 7 W OLX model. These are a good pick because of the durability and protection without compromising on comfort. Spirit is a shoe made by orienteerers for orienteerers – and it has a long list of world championship medals to its name.

Icebug Zeal 5 OLX orienteering shoes

The next model is the Zeal 5 OLX orienteering shoes that are the perfect combo of off-trail performance and comfort. This is the amazing footwear for demanding terrain, providing unrivalled combination of low weight, ground control, support and traction.

Icebug Spirit 8 OLX orienteering shoes

Spirit has been around for many years by now and still is the preferred shoe for many orienteers and off trail athletes. This is the updated version of the previously mentioned Spirit shoe. The low sole profile and drop optimize ground control, while remaining flexibility.

Since 2019 Icebug is the first climate positive outdoor footwear brand. From 2020 onwards, they’re offsetting 200% of carbon emissions caused.

Nvii shoes

nvii shoes

Nvii is the brand that introduces itself as the lightest and fastest shoes in the world. These running shoes are made by world class athletes for world class athletes. It is important for them to know the product that is being created. They say –

”We don’t make compromises. We make race shoes.”

So let’s see their most popular shoe models.

Nvii Forest 1 orienteering shoes

This is the first shoe on the left in the photo, it is a durable metal stud shoe made for rough conditions with a precision fit. It has 15 metal studs placed for the best possible grip. In the 3-compound midsole is a softer compound under the heal for best cushioning. Seems this brand really has thought of it all.

Nvii Forest 2 orienteering shoes

As an update from the shoe just previously mentioned, comes the Forest 2 model. These are durable for rough conditions as well as breathable and quick drying. The outsole is sticky butyl rubber which gives you a perfect grip.

Nvii Crazy Light XXC Sprint orienteering shoes

The last butcertainly not least are the lightest orienteering and trail shoes weighing only 169g. This shoe is specially developed for sprint orienteering where you run on different surfaces asphalt, gravel, cobblestones, and grass. If you’re looking for a light shoe, this is the option to choose.

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