More Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas

In this article find out more about some amazing ideas for using wooden crates to upgrade your interior design. 

wooden crate decorating ideas

Wooden crates have become increasingly popular in recent years as a decorative element. You can use them in a variety of ways to add a touch of rustic charm to any space. All the way from the living room to the garden. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere or simply want to add some character to your home, wooden crate decorating ideas could be useful.

When upgrading or even creating interior design in your home, you do not need a lot of resources. Of course high end interior decors can be very expensive. However wooden crates are something that can turn your home makeover into a fun and exciting DIY project.

In this article find out some amazing ideas for using wooden crates to upgrade your interior design. 

Wooden crate ottoman

wooden crate decorating ideas

Our first choice of wooden crate decorating ideas is to make an ottoman. It will suit any apartment or a house that wants to combine rustic and fancy vibe together. Besides, it is such a fun project to create.

It is very simple, too, because all you really have to do is arrange wooden crates to create an ottoman. You can add a cushion to make it more comfortable and more beautiful. As with all our DIY projects – we want them to be both fun and simple enough not to spend the whole day on it. 

Wine rack

wooden crate wine rack

Another fun wooden crate decor idea is one for storage and display all at once. You can make a wine rack. It is a cool idea if you are a lover of wine and your home collection is starting to get out of hand. Because, let’s be real – nobody ever drinks as much wine as they actually like to keep at home. Besides, some bottles are way too special to not get their display moment.

So you can easily turn wooden crates into a stylish wine rack by adding a few shelves and securing the crates together. You can even paint the crates to match your existing decor. Make sure to attack some bottle or glasses holders to keep everything in place.

Toy storage

toy storage crate

Another idea to definitely try if you have kids is to create a storage room for all of their toys. The most popular choice we have seen is wooden crates with attached wheels on them. It makes it easier to transport the toy crate for many reasons – it is more convenient to take it to another room or push around while picking up toys.

So let’s keep our children’s toys organized by using wooden crates as storage bins. You can even label each crate with a different category of toys. And of course – customize them by adding children’s names or nicknames.

Rustic pet bed

wooden crate pet bed

And when the kids have been taken care of, let us not forget our furry children too – our pets, of course. If you have a bigger house, then there are never too many pet beds. That is especially relevant for cat owners. We all know how cats are so very curious about new things, therefore they might sleep in their bed for a few nights and after a while will be interested in something new.

So maybe it is time to make your kitty another fun DIY wooden crate project. Create a cozy bed for your furry friend by lining a wooden crate with a soft cushion or blanket. Your pet will love having their own special spot to nap. So easy!

Bathroom storage

wooden crate decorating ideas

Including wooden crates in the interior of the house is such an affordable option. That is why we love it so much. And there is simply never enough storage room, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Get inspired from the photos above and see how you can implement wooden crates into your design even if you’re a fan of lighter colors.

The best way to use wooden crates to add extra storage space to your bathroom is to stack them on top of one another. Then use them to store towels, toiletries, and other essentials. Bathroom makeover on a budget!

Create a crate garden

painted wooden crates colorwood

If you like to keep your things organized, you might be able to take the same approach outside too. Organize your outdoor garden into wooden crates too. It is very simple and also looks quite beautiful. You can even go a step further and can even get painted wooden crates or personalized ones! 

All you have to do is fill wooden crates with soil and plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables. You can stack the crates to create a vertical garden.

Use crates as plant stands

wooden crate decorating ideas

And last but not least, another fun way of implementing wooden crate decorating ideas with plants is to make stands. We love plants – they brighten up every room and just make it so much more enjoyable to be in. However, over time, if you’re good at not killing your plants, they accumulate quite a garden.

So an efficient and beautiful solution is to make plant stands from wooden crates. Place wooden crates on their sides to create plant stands. You can use them to display potted plants indoors or outdoors.

There is one more wooden crate idea for your plants that we have written about in the article Use wooden crates to refresh your interior design.

In conclusion

Wooden crates are a versatile and affordable way to add character to any space. As you can tell from our already second article, there are countless ways to incorporate wooden crates into your home decor. 

With a little bit of creativity and some basic DIY skills, you can transform simple wooden crates into functional and, what’s also important, stylish pieces of furniture. 

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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