Birthday gifts for Taurus man

Taurus sign celebrates their birthdays from April 21st to May 20th. If you’re looking for useful birthday gifts for Taurus man, this is where you’ll find some.

Birthday gifts for Taurus man

Taurus sign celebrates their birthdays from April 21st to May 20th. He instinctively keeps what belongs to him. Taurus has a strong need for property – be it an object, money or a person. It is important for a Taurus man that the gift is expensive and “for life” so that he can be proud and admire it. So if you’re looking for useful birthday gifts for Taurus man, this is where you’ll find some.

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More on Taurus personality

Taurus does everything thoroughly, whether he is a scientist or a worker. At the same time Taurus tends to reach a certain shape, is stubborn, inert, and lacks flexibility. Is patient and insistent, acquires skills, loves the practical part more. 

Gradually, quantity becomes quality for the Taurus. Everything he has learned stays with him forever. Their beliefs most often don’t tend to change either. In general, Taurus is conservative, common sense is important to him. Strives to acquire practical skills in life, values comfort and prosperity. That information comes in handy when looking for birthday gifts for Taurus man.

The birth flower of Taurus

Birthday gifts for Taurus man flower

The birth flower of the zodiac sign of Taurus is the poppy flower. It is a simple flower that grows in meadows therefore it isn’t always the most accessible flower for a gift. So to look for a good alternative, roses are an amazing choice of flowers for Taurus.

For the occasions where flowers are needed for a gift for the man, roses will be a great choice. The bouquet does not have to be huge, however it has to be elegant and worthy of a Taurus. 

Birthday gifts for Taurus man

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of a Taurus man, let’s move on to some realistic gift ideas.

Gifts are listed in the following categories:

Practical gifts

When looking for a gift according to the horoscope, keep in mind that Taurus loves objects with practical use. Even a souvenir must have its meaning. Some Taurus’es consider shopping to be the best way to relax and have fun, so a gift card in an exclusive store will come in handy.

A gift card for a suit

giftcard taurus

Taurus is not such a simple sign, they sure do love being fancy and well dressed. If it so happens that your particular Taurus friend or a family member wears suits on a daily basis, then something to elevate his look even more could be an amazing gift choice. For example, you could gift him a gift card in a suit store.

That way he will be able to treat himself to a new suit. It will be measured to fit his body perfectly which is part of the reason why suits can look so good. A fancy outfit and a reason to treat yourself – Taurus will be very happy.

Sports equipment for training

sports equipment taurus gifts

If your Taurus likes to spend his free time actively and play a sport, then sports equipment could be a suitable gift. In making this choice, it is important to understand what sport the Taurus is engaged in and what he may need. It is clear that any sport regularly needs new equipment, gadgets and clothing.

A good gift idea could be, for example, a sports watch for everyday or workouts. It’s a great gadget that both motivates you to work and helps you do it effectively. Alternatives to the gift could be dumbbells, exercise bands, a yoga mat, and so on.

A comfortable leather belt

belt gift

Two things that matter the most for Taurus are comfort and brand. If you can somehow manage to get both of these things in one gift, it will be an awesome choice. Our example we can easily think of is simple but great – a cool leather belt.

Leather screams quality and durability. A high quality leather belt will last for years and will be able to look absolutely timeless. Besides, everybody needs a belt. It is one of the most practical pieces. It may seem like a simple gift but for Taurus who loves details, a beautifully packed belt from a good brand will be an exciting gift. 

New prescription glasses

new glasses gift taurus

Another idea for birthday gifts for Taurus man is new prescription glasses. Of course this is once again a gift that can be best given with the help of a gift card. You won’t be able to get Taurus’s prescription and get him glasses for him. It is also a very personal choice after all. But a gift card will let him know it is time for some new glasses.

Be sure to figure out the amount that it usually takes to buy new glasses. Keep in mind that Taurus loves pricey things from good brands and designers. Make sure you give him enough for cool and expensive glasses – or maybe even sunglasses. Sunny spring is here after all!

Gifts for a foodie

Taurus is a gourmet and likes to work in the kitchen, so great birthday gifts for Taurus man will be books on winemaking, cooking. They often collect recipes from a variety of sources, and they are all tried by Taurus for sure.

A book on brewing your own beer

beer book

If your Taurus is a huge beer lover then that is probably his choice of drink on nights out. But even more than that, if he loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen himself, maybe he would like the chance to learn how to make his own beer.

Beer brewing process is very interesting. It takes time and special knowledge to brew your own beer but it is totally worth it in the end. Therefore give your Taurus man a cool and trustworthy book on brewing beer. He might actually start to play with some flavors and come up with an amazing beer flavor.

Food delivery service

food delivery gift

Holidays are a time when you want to relax and enjoy the day. One of the things you definitely don’t want to do during the holidays is spend time in the kitchen and cook dinner. In such cases, the option of food delivery is often used – and why not on Taurus’ birthday? If he’s a big foodie, then he will probably love the chance to order some tasty food.

It could be anything that he will love the most – pizzas, burgers, poke bowls or maybe sushi. The only thing left to do for you is to choose a gift card for his favorite food place. For example, let’s pick sushi. The sushi delivery gift card is a great gift choice, as it can be used according to the recipient’s wishes. It can be used immediately upon receiving it, or order a delicious meal one day at home or even at work.

Spicy sauce kit

spicy sauce kit

Store shelves are full of various sauces that compliment your food and give it a special flavor. Sometimes it has a sharper taste, but often it gives even more than that. It is a completely different cuisine and sensation of the world – spicy, delicious, exotic. For someone who likes spicy food, a set of different hot and spicy sauces could be an original and interesting gift.

The best sauces can be found in both regular and specialty stores. It is believed that the kits can be purchased pre-packaged. When it comes to hot sauces, kits often include sauces ranked by spiciness. Then it is also a challenge for the Taurus to determine how much spicy food he likes.

Of course, it is always possible to create these sauce sets yourself which is even more fun.

Coffee brewer

coffee brewer gift taurus

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and millions of people drink it every day. It’s not just a drink, because coffee has so many different types of preparation. For real coffee lovers, a cup of coffee is a moment of rest, an opportunity to recharge, it is an art. So a real coffee lover has definitely ever wanted to try to brew their own coffee.

In fact, it’s not that hard. In addition, there are many advantages to brewing coffee on its own, as well as, of course, pampering it with excellent coffee quality. If your Taurus would love to make his own coffee, a fun gift could be a brewing kit. However if your Taurus is much lazier than that, a good gift choice will be found in the next category of the article.

High quality tech

If you know which household item is missing in the Taurus household – you can safely give it to him. The only condition is that it must be beautiful and of high quality. You will not be mistaken if you give Taurus something from household appliances. But it has to be something from expensive models and from the best brands.

Garden machinery or tools

garden tools

Once again, in terms of gifts, we return to the characteristics of Taurus and the most common hobbies, which is gardening. A useful gift in the household goods category could also be a useful gadget for the garden or front yard.

A good gift for a man could be a set of quality work tools. A larger purchase, such as a lawn mower, could just as well be useful. If they need it, it could be a cool gift from the whole family for the holidays. For those who seem to already have everything, practical gifts will be the best. Especially in today’s world, when newer and better models are constantly being produced.

Gifts for music lovers

gifts for musical taurus

Much of Taurus signs are musically gifted and creative. Thinking about a gift, let’s turn to the category of gadgets and techniques, just in time there will be a gift for enjoying music. Once again, remember that you can safely choose something that is high quality and powerful.

A gift for a Taurus to enjoy music could be a powerful speaker or home theater equipment. This would allow him to watch Taurus’ favorite movies and enjoy the great sound that is as important as the visuals in most movies. If your Taurus has a desire to learn something new, maybe a new musical instrument will be a good gift choice.

High quality coffee machine

coffee machine gift taurus

An absolute extra and luxury item in a modern home is a coffee maker. If your Taurus loves delicious and high-quality coffee, without which he cannot imagine his daily life, then a powerful coffee machine will be a good gift.

When choosing a coffee machine, you have to choose between a coffee bean machine and a capsule machine. Although the capsule machine will be easier to maintain, it will cost more. The bean machine, on the other hand, will require more careful maintenance, but it will pay off in the long run. Also take into account how much free space there is at home for the recipient of the gift.

Foldable drone

drone gift taurus

If you are looking for fun tech birthday gifts for Taurus man then a foldable drone could be a good option. Not all of them are super expensive yet still of good quality. One will be perfect for your Taurus if he loves taking photos of nature, those are perfect for aerial photography beginners.

Drones are also very fun to use. It is a device that you can control, similarly to controlling little cars back in childhood. It is a fun way to create some amazing shots and also have a good time in the process of it.

Jewelry and cologne

Taurus knows how to be generous and expects it from others, especially from dear relatives. Therefore, when choosing jewelry for Taurus, special care must be taken. If you have little money, better give something else.

cuff links gift

Jewelry for a man who wears suits on a daily basis could be some elegant cufflinks. They are a practical accessory that also serves as a style brand. Therefore, you can pay special attention to the choice of cufflinks and thus delight a man at the birthday celebration.

Good and quality cufflinks definitely cost the same price as quality jewelry. If the Taurus himself  is not passionate about jewelry on a daily basis, then cufflinks will be a great way to show off his sense of taste.

Exquisite cologne

cologne taurus

Enjoying in a stable and harmonious way what life has given, Taurus watches and acts with his talents. He appreciates sweet aromas; he could be enchanted by, for example, the unobtrusive aroma of figs, roses, patchouli, bergamot, apricot, freesia, jasmine, light tea. 

The scent should express the freshness of the earth, the aroma of herbs, musk, wood. Taurus prefers the most durable aromas possible. However, it should be noted that a Taurus man can give up the scent altogether. So make sure he uses cologne before giving it to him as a gift.

An engraved watch

engraved watch gift etsy

Watches are like jewelry for men. If your Taurus man has been without a watch for a while, take your opportunity and get him a unique one. This one engraved watch we found on Etsy and it is absolutely stunning.

It is made from wood. This kind of gift is both practical and also personal, just the way Taurus loves to receive them. Make sure to order this as soon as possible so your gift comes just in time for your Taurus. What a beautiful and elegant gift!

Household items

You will not be mistaken if you give Taurus something more or less related to money. It can be an expensive wallet with money, a frog with a coin in its mouth as a souvenir, which, according to legend, attracts wealth. Even if you choose a tiny souvenir, it must be useful.

Taurus wall art

taurus wall art

If your Taurus is at least a tad bit interested in his own sign of horoscope, then he might enjoy something cool for his home. To bring out the personality of your household it could be a fun idea to get your birthday boy some decoration of a Taurus.

For example, we found this Taurus art on Etsy, as seen in the photo above. Isn’t that an amazing piece to have on your wall? Brings out so much character. 

Survival kit for nature lovers

survival kit

If your Taurus is a real lover of nature, then he definitely likes to go hiking, long walks and even spend the night camping in the woods. In such cases, the most interesting thing is to pack your travel bag and make sure that everything you need is always with you. This is a good opportunity for you to take care of everything Taurus will need for an expected hike.

You can take care of a ready-made survival kit or at least its basic base – some cans of food, a compass, warm socks, a thermos etc. Another option is to provide a special road gadget that will be useful for the Taurus. For example, a water filter, a ready-made first aid kit or a charging bank for a phone.

Glamorous shaving kit

shaving kit gift

Maybe your birthday boy has an amazing beard that he is super proud of. Or maybe he loves a clean shave. Either way, if he is very into his appearance, he might want to own a barbershop’s worth of supplies.

A good gift idea could be a fun and personalized shaving kit. It could include some brushed, shaving foam and maybe even styling accessories. You can find a bunch of these options on Etsy too – even with custom packages.

Cool socks

socks from zee socks gifts

And lastly, socks are always a cool gift idea. The older we get, the more we appreciate some good ol’ socks for birthdays and Christmas. We have found an amazing brand named Zee Socks that creates fun designs of space, veggies and fruits, checkers and so on.

If your Taurus can appreciate a funny and bright sock moment, then he will love this. Zee Socks even have fun sets of socks that are perfect for gifts. Check them out and see for yourself. The brand itself will be loved by anybody who loves fun style and video game themes.

What not to give Taurus as a gift

Keep in mind that Taurus loves the practicality of all things, therefore an adventure will not be a gift that he will always love to receive. You can, of course, base the gift on the knowledge of the specific person. However if you do not know them too well, do not choose any pranks for gifts.

Expensive tickets to the premiere or concert will also not be the most ideal gift here. The show or concert will end, and Taurus will feel deceived, because the real gift cannot end. Taurus does not like it if the object has no use, so about the little ones without practical use Taurus will also not be happy about.

How to wrap the gift

Taurus loves when a gift is beautifully wrapped. You don’t have to go far and beyond for it to be wrapped intensely. However make sure that gift looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing. 

Hopefully you’ve found some cool and useful birthday gifts for Taurus man. Let us know if you have other ideas we can add!

Hopefully you have found some amazing birthday gifts for Taurus man!

Let us know if you have anything else in mind!

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