Birthday gifts for Capricorn woman

The Capricorn sign celebrates birthdays from December 22 to January 19. To find out what are the best birthday gifts for Capricorn woman, keep reading the article below.

Birthday gifts for Capricorn woman

The Capricorn sign celebrates birthdays from December 22 to January 19. Capricorn is a sign of the Earth. Their attitude towards life is mostly based on practical considerations. With that being said, when it comes to Capricorns, there is certainly more behind the mask that they’re allowing others to see. To find out what are the best birthday gifts for Capricorn woman, keep reading the article below.

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A little bit about Capricorns

The main task of life for Capricorns is to get the end result – to bring it all to the end and to perfection. Capricorn often reduces the diversity of life to a single goal, which is very important to them.

Those who are born under this horoscope sign are thoughtful and introspective people. They cannot develop their spiritual side without first acquiring the ability to live in society.

Birthday gifts for capricorn woman should be useful

Everything around Capricorns must be justified, including the choice of their gifts. Choose a gift with the help of logic (this is the sphere where the purposeful Capricorn lives), not emotions. 

Beauty is associated with usefulness for a Capricorn woman. They are not ones to tolerate all kinds of useless little decors and household items with no use. They are not only not impressed by those, but they feel negatively towards these kinds of gifts. So make sure you don’t get a Capricorn woman a gift just for the sole purpose of getting a gift. It will be sensed.

Usefulness must be combined with originality

Practical gifts are nice yet they can be quite boring sometimes. Therefore your task is not so simple at all, because just practical won’t do. The present for a Capricorn lady has to be thoughtful and original. 

If you want to get a flawless gift, ask a Capricorn woman what she would like to receive – then she will like it. She will most likely even offer you several options. On the other hand, if you really don’t know what to give Capricorn, give her money or a good gift card. Capricorn will not spend it on small things. They will choose a great gift for themselves and remember that it was you who gave it to them.


capricorn gift flowers

Capricorn women love receiving flowers for any celebration as it is a gorgeous addition to the gift. When it comes to Capricorn’s birth flower, there are a few options we found. The most common ones are carnations and pansies.

Carnations are a seasonal favourite flower in winter with their longevity and strength. Carnations are lucky and they symbolize love and fascination.  It’s for this reason, and the fact they come in astrologically complementary colours of red and white, that they are perfect for someone born under the sign of Capricorn.

Another beautiful flower for Capricorns would be pansies. Pansy flowers are usually bright and colorful. They are best gifted in a pod, so they can last a long long time.

Gift ideas for Capricorn women

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the character of a Capricorn lady, let’s move on to some realistic gift ideas.

Gifts are listed in the following categories:

Hobby related gifts

While thinking about Capricorn gifts for her, just know that they will always appreciate gifts for their hobby. If you happen to know her favorite hobby, then try to take it into account when choosing a gift. On the other hand, if you do not know a specific hobby, here are some suggestions that you might like as gifts for Capricorn at the holiday.

A fun board game

capricorn gift game

Since Capricorns love to solve puzzles, they naturally love the joy of board games too. Because Capricorn likes to challenge herself and rely on logical thinking, make sure you choose a fun and challenging board game. First try thinking of some games that are already in the Capricorn’s collection – that might give you some useful hints towards what kind of games she loves.

And after all, if you can not choose, the safest option is to always get her a gift card in some board game store. That way she can choose whichever game she would love the most. Board games are such fun gifts because they will also let your Capricorn spend more of some quality time together with friends and family.

Yoga mat for exercise

capricorn gift yoga mat

There are many kinds of hobbies, one of them could be simply working out, doing yoga and being overall active. An active Capricorn needs her own yoga mat since it allows you to perform exercises and stretch at home. Maybe your Capricorn has just mentioned that she wants to start exercising and spend her daily life more actively. Then, when looking for gift ideas for Capricorn, remember about the exercise mat as an amazing option.

When choosing a yoga mat, it is important to buy a really high-quality mat – it is worth investing into one. It is best to choose an exercise mat that is at least 1 cm high, which will be comfortable and pleasant for the birthday Capricorn’s back. It’s just as important to make sure it doesn’t slip. And don’t forget to choose a simple yet fun color too!

Paint by numbers

capricorn gift painting kit

For a creative Capricorn woman her gift must also be connected to her creative hobbies. Maybe she loves painting, coloring, drawing or doing anything else. Remember that you do not have to be amazing at something to fully enjoy doing it. Many people are so afraid of being bad at creative hobbies, they never even try. A good gift for somebody who would love to pick up painting, is a paint by numbers kit. 

To make this gift even more special, choose to personalise it. Nowadays you can not only paint a fun painting by following the numbers, but you can paint your own photos. Order a custom paint by number kit with a happy memory for the Capricorn. She will love it!

Polaroid camera

capricorn gift photography

Another hobby that Capricorns would most likely enjoy is photography. There is just something so amazing about creating memories of fun moments in the form of photos for the Capricorns. If your Capricorn lady loves photography but still does it only digitally, it might be time for her to switch things up. How about with a polaroid?

Polaroids are all the rave right now and, we are guessing, will be for a while. It is such a fun way to get some instant photos in special moments. The Capricorn will be able to put the photos up on her wall or create a fun album later. Don’t forget to include film cards in the gift too!

Luxury gifts

While looking for gifts for Capricorn woman, make sure you consider luxury items too. Capricorns love everything that would improve their status in everybody else’s eyes. They love expensive gifts that have meaning and some special use. Here are some options!

Elegant jewellery

capricorn gift jewellery

If a watch would be a more suitable gift for a Capricorn man, then a woman would definitely like fine and elegant jewelry. Jewelry is also a great way to show your status in society which Capricorns love. That is why beautiful jewelry will hit the target with a choice of gifts for Capricorn.

Think of jewelry that is not too intrusive and bright. It must be chosen according to taste, taking into account the existing color combinations of the Capricorn, etc. For example, it is worth paying attention to whether your Capricorn lady prefers gold or silver – here, too, the choice must be correct. If in doubt about the right choice, you can always work out a gift card for jewelry. Leave the choice in the hands of the Capricorn goddess herself!

A dinner date in a fancy restaurant

capricorn gift restaurant meal

For many people restaurants are associated with celebrations. It is an opportunity to get ready, dress up and get together with friends or loved ones to enjoy delicious food. It is no secret that a visit to a restaurant is an expensive event, and this is what makes this event special. Therefore, Capricorn will definitely be happy to have the opportunity to spend their birthday or some other day in a gorgeous restaurant.

A good alternative is a gift card at a restaurant. This will allow Capricorn to go to the restaurant at her own convenience. It will also allow her to decide who to bring to this meal and what holidays to celebrate.

Designer handbag

capricorn gift handbag

We have already established that Capricorns like expensive things that can up their status in society. Designer items are often seen as status items therefore they are pretty special – not everybody can afford those. One example is handbags – maybe your Capricorn woman loves her bags, so a new designer one could be a cute gift idea.

A handbag is the perfect way to combine practical with beautiful and luxurious. Besides, some designer handbags are truly only rising in value. In some years your gift for the Capricorn might be worth even more. So you can almost think about it like giving her an investment for their birthday – and a super cute one.

Fancy silk pajamas

capricorn gift pajamas

Capricorn is able to appreciate practical gifts with real application. As a zodiac sign that loves comfort, your Capricorn lady likes to be warm and enjoy all the comforts, so soft silk pajamas are a great gift. Since we spend a lot of time in our lives sleeping, it is important that it is done in the best possible way. If your Capricorn is a pajama sleeper, then a new set of pajamas could be a nice gift.

Comfortable and tasteful sheets could be a great alternative to this gift. These are the things that make sleeping even more enjoyable. That’s why it’s important not to save money on your comfort. Give the Capricorn a truly quality gift, it will definitely be highly appreciated.

Technology related gifts 

Capricorns like the latest technology and various everyday products. They will definitely enjoy everything that will be useful on a daily basis. Sometimes practical gifts can seem boring, so make sure the gift for Capricorn is beautifully wrapped. So that the gift would be interesting even if it is quite practical.

Smart water bottle

capricorn gift water bottle

Drinking water is a very important daily habit to have. Not everybody can remember to drink enough water daily, therefore some need a little reminder. One way to remind your Capricorn to stay healthy and happy, is to give her a cool water bottle. Even better – a smart water bottle that will remind her hourly to take a sip of water.

As any other gadget, this water bottle also has to be practical, classical and elegant. The beautiful EQUA smart bottles immediately came to our minds. They come in beautiful colors and the bottles themselves are made from stainless steel. They are such a perfect gadget to have around at work or even at home.

Modern curling wand

capricorn gift curler wand

Another fun technology piece to give could be a modern curling wand. There are constantly made new ones with even more optimised and healthy ways to curl the hair. There are even heatless curling solutions now available that still let you create beautiful locks. If your Capricorn lady would be interested in such a thing, then make sure to check out some curling devices.

Keep in mind that the thicker the wand, the bigger the curls. Make sure you will get one that the Capricorn would love to use. Or, again – choose the safe route with gifting a gift card in an electronics store. 

Muscle massager

capricorn gift massager gun

Muscle massagers are popular tools to help you recover from an intense workout. So this gadget is a great gift for every athlete and active lifestyle enthusiast. You will not have to go to special therapeutic massages after a more intensive training, because you will be able to do it all yourself. If this sounds like something your active Capricorn woman would enjoy, the birthday gift is set!

A muscle massager will be the choice of a modern gift. Capricorns like modern gadgets and technologies that help make everyday life easier. This tool will be an amazing gadget to use after her workouts and any activities. It will be easy to massage any sore muscles – legs, arms, shoulders and back area.

Coffee machine

capricorn gift coffee machine

Industrial Capricorn is probably a big coffee enthusiast – she definitely needs the fuel provided by caffeine for all the early mornings and late evenings at work. As mentioned above, Capricorn is a fan of useful gadgets. So a coffee machine could be a great gift idea to make everyday life easier.

The guests of the Capricorn will also enjoy the simplicity of the coffee machine. It is a universal gift that will suit every lover of delicious and quality coffee. It’s just important not to shoot wrong with the choice of the coffee machine. Choose one that would most likely fit the Capricorn’s everyday lifestyle.

Household gifts

At the Capricorn’s home there must be perfect order – everything has to be in the right place. The best Capricorn gifts are the ones that help Capricorn in the fight against clutter at work and at home. Another option is to choose something that will improve the living space of the Capricorn – make it more cozy and chic. 

A jewellery box

capricorn gift jewellery box

We mentioned earlier that jewelry could be a suitable gift for a Capricorn woman. It could be very similar with a jewelry box. It is possible that Capricorn already has enough jewelry – maybe she is given it regularly on every holiday and birthday. So the next logical choice for a gift would be a beautiful and high quality jewelry box.

As Capricorns like order and an organized environment, everything in the house must always be well-organized and clean. With a jewelry box, as shown in the photo, all the jewelry can be beautifully stored and categorized according to the order known only to Capricorn. In addition, modern jewelry storage boxes also serve as a beautiful interior decor.

A scented candle

capricorn gift candle

Another great way to fill your entire home with a pleasant aroma is scented candles. Have you ever seen those giant candles with multiple burners? They are usually placed in luxurious glass jars, which in themselves look like real works of art. Of course, the prices for these candles are not quite suitable for everyday life. So naturally these are the right candles to give to Capricorn as a birthday gift.

If the candle is elegant and beautiful enough, in this case also expensive, it becomes a great gift for the Capricorn. When choosing a scented candle, it is also worth thinking about the scents the Capricorn would prefer the most – more on that in the following part of the article.

Framed artwork

capricorn gift art

Capricorns are fans of beautiful art that improves their living space. If you are looking for some amazing gifts for a Capricorn woman, some art might do wonders. It will be the perfect gift if the Capricorn has just moved out on their own or just switched to a whole new place that might be even bigger than the one before. 

That gives so much possibility for new decor and art pieces. Beware that art is very personal so you should pick something that the Capricorn would choose herself. Get this gift only if you are confident you know her taste.

Decorative pillows

birthday gifts for Capricorn woman pillows

When it comes to the interior, it is very important for Capricorn to make sure that her home is tastefully and cosily furnished. Interior decorations in her eyes are very important. If you choose to give something to Capricorn’s house, it will be highly appreciated. A good option could be beautiful decorative pillows for the living room.

When thinking about the choice, keep in mind that Capricorn is a lover of classics. It also shows in her taste. Think of the times when you visited Capricorn and what her home looked like. Keep in mind her favorite color combinations, materials – everything you can remember will definitely be useful when choosing pillows. If there is no such opportunity, Capricorn will always be happy about a gift card in an interior design store.


As the most stable representative of the Earth sign, Capricorn will enjoy fresh, classic aromas –  ardehine, bergamot, lemon, sandalwood, cedar, mimosa, magnolia, patchouli. The perfect perfume for Capricorn is inconspicuous. It must have an expensive and respectable aroma, but it is so delicate that its existence can only be guessed at.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

birthday gifts for Capricorn woman chanel

As we already found out, Capricorns are lovers of classic and known elements. Therefore Capricorns do not like to experiment, preferring tradition and demanding quality. All these attributes can be met in full by the global fashion and beauty brand Chanel. 

COCO MADEMOISELLE is a perfume that represents a surprisingly fresh, feminine ambery fragrance with a distinct character. A dual name, evoking a dual personality. A Capricorn woman who is both mischievous and provocative, independent and endearing, who reinvents herself freely, will absolutely love this amazing scent.

Gucci Rush

birthday gifts for Capricorn woman gucci

Another amazing option is by the beloved designer brand Gucci – Gucci Rush. It has a top note of gardenia, heart note of vanilla and a base note of patchouli. These are all pretty classic yet feminine scents that will accompany our Capricorn goddess quite well in her everyday life wherever she might go.

Getting a perfume is a very appreciated gift, this category as well is considered luxurious. However it is worth mentioning that investing into perfume might be a very important thing to Capricorn. That too might show the status of some sort so we would say this gift is right in time.

Pour Femme by Blvgari

birthday gifts for Capricorn woman perfume

Bvlgari Pour Femme by Bvlgari is another great option, however this one is a lot more floral and full with flower fragrance for women. You will find top notes of violet, carnation, raspberry, peach, coriander, orange blossom, sichuan, pepper and bergamot. 

This is the perfect scent for the summer to feel free and beautiful. Although the Capricorn celebrates her birthday in the winter, maybe she lives in a hot climate or is planning on going on a vacation. Then this gift would be perfect for her!

Stylish souvenirs

Capricorn is certainly not one of the signs of the horoscope that unnecessarily accumulates belongings and objects. It is not a sign that needs souvenirs and trivia of no value. However, even in this category it is possible to find a great gift for Capricorn – something interesting and valuable.

A fun sculpture

sculpture gift

As mentioned before, Capricorn loves her interior design and making her home feel beautiful and exactly how she wants it. A cool gift idea could be some sort of a statue, like this one in the photo above. It is a sculpture of a human that will sit on her shelf and just be beautiful.

With beautiful lines and design, Nordic style sculptures are a simple and clean way of bringing an elegant and warm feeling to the Capricorn’s house. This gift will be especially great for those who have just moved out on their own – so much free space for cute decorations!

Coffee table book

birthday gifts for Capricorn woman book

Coffee table books are a fun interior design object that is simply placed on a table. It is good to have something on the table in your living room or office space, or whatever it might be. Especially if you have many visitors on a frequent occasion. 

Coffee table books are fun to read in some moments when you have free time, it is an opportunity to get inspired. Mostly these books have huge photos rather than text. You can choose any theme your Capricorn would like – maybe it’s fashion, maybe it’s a brand such as Chanel or Gucci. Or maybe it is a travel coffee table book from the Capricorn’s dream destination.

Cute coasters

birthday gifts for Capricorn woman coasters

Another little gift to get your Capricorn could be these adorable and practical coasters. It is always the tiny little accessories that will make your life easier. Since we know the Capricorns are all about making their everyday life easier, this gift would be a suitable option!

These coasters are ceramic. The printed surface is resistant, does not fade and is heat resistant. A thin layer of cork on the bottom protects tables and countertops from scratches, spilling and drops. As many other items on Etsy, this one is also hand made, which makes the gift even more special and unique.

What not to give a Capricorn woman

Be careful with surprises and jokes. The conservative Capricorn will not appreciate them at best, but at worst you will be blacklisted by Capricorn as an insensitive person. They also do not like being in the center of the attention when it comes as a surprise – besides, it is a Capricorn’s worst nightmare. So maybe hold back on throwing them a surprise birthday party.

How to wrap the present for a Capricorn

According to Capricorns, a beautiful and suitable gift wrapping is no less important than the gift itself, because it helps to create a real festive mood. Whatever the size of the gift, flowers are a must add!

Hopefully you’ve managed to find some good birthday gifts for Capricorn woman! 

Let us know if you have any other ideas we can add to the list!

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